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State Laws & Regulations Related to Dropping Out

The information below links to the Revised Statutes of Missouri which provide information related to the state laws related to school attendance, reporting, enforcement, special programs, and other regulated areas.

Parents can be charged with educational neglect if a child less than 16 doesn’t regularly attend school. Enforcement of this law is charged to the entities in 167.111. Schools can refer truants to juvenile authorities and their parents to the local prosecutor. Furthermore, a call can be made to the Children’s Division Abuse and Neglect Hotline in the case where a child enrolled in school is not in regular attendance for no good reason.

Chapter 167 - Pupils and Special Services

Section 167 of the Revised Statutes of Missouri provide the framework for school attendance in Missouri.

Chapter 162- School Districts

Urban school district may form ad hoc committee on dropout prevention-members selection.

Youth Opportunites and Violence Prevention Act

Citation of law- tax credit, amount, claim, limitation-allowable programs- report-apportionment of credits- rulemaking authority

Youth opportunities and violence prevention program established, purpose--advisory committee defined, members, appointment--fund, establishment, administration-- program criteria, evaluation-- database, development, operation.

Department may assign moneys, limitations--agreement, audit authorized--repayment of funds.

Missouri Youth Service and Conservation Corps