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Special Education Listserv

Subject: Referral of Students to Rehabilitation Services for the Blind

Source: Jackie Bruner, Director, Compliance

Intended Audience: Directors of Special Education, School Administrators, Parents

Date: April 26, 2011


Missouri law requires the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (the Department) and Rehabilitation Services for the Blind (RSB) to develop and ensure the implementation of a process for the referral of students identified as Visually Impaired between Rehabilitation Services for the Blind and local education agencies (LEAs).  See 162.1139 Revised Statutes of Missouri.

The Office of Special Education has recently updated the guidance documents for this process, and they may be found at Included in the guidance documents are a referral form and fact sheets for Rehabilitation Services for the Blind Children's Services and Transition Services which may be shared with staff and parents.

Please review these documents and ensure that all responsible staff are aware of and implementing the requirements of this statute.  If you have questions regarding these requirements, please contact the Compliance Section at 573-751-4909 or