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Special Education Listserv

Subject: Post-Secondary Follow-up for IEP Graduates and Dropouts

Source: Mary Corey, Data Coordination

Intended Audience: Special Education Administrators and Guidance Staff

Date: October 2, 2009

As was mentioned in a SELS message dated 5/22/09 (, the U.S. Department of Education, Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP) has revised the State Performance Plan (SPP)/Annual Performance Report (APR) indicator that deals with post-secondary outcomes. 

In order to comply with the changes, districts must submit follow-up data for students with disabilities who dropped out as well as graduated beginning with the students who exited during 2008-09.  The follow-up data for dropouts and graduates will be reported to DESE using the MOSIS Graduate Follow-up file in February 2010.  The follow-up data for IEP graduates and dropouts will be included in the Special Education District Profiles and will be compared to targets established in the State Performance Plan for Indicator 14.

Three main changes have been made to the MOSIS collection in order to collect these data:

1 - The MOSIS Graduate Follow-up file will allow follow-up information to be reported for students with disabilities who dropped out of grades9-12 during the previous school year.

2 - The existing follow-up categories (MOSIS Codeset for Followup_Status_Codes) have been expanded to include "Employed (Not Competitively)" which would indicate that the graduate/dropout is employed but is compensated at a rate less than minimum wage.  This would include youth working in sheltered workshops.

3 - A new field called "SPED Follow-up Definition Met" (MOSIS Column Name is SPEDMetDefinition) has been added to the MOSIS Graduate Follow-up file.  This Yes/No field is required if the student had an IEP at the time of graduation or dropout, and the follow-up category is Continuing education (4 year college, 2 year college or non-college credit postsecondary school) or Employment.  Report (Y)es or (N)o to indicate if the following definitions are met: Enrolled for at least one complete term (Continuing education) or Worked for a period of 20 hours a week for at least 90 days (Employment).  For example, a dropout who had been working 10 hours a week since dropping out of school would be reported with a follow-up category of "Employed" and SPEDMetDefinition would be N since the youth was not working at least 20 hours a week.

Student information system vendors and district MOSIS contacts have been notified of these changes; however, district staff gathering the student follow-up data need to be made aware of these changes as well.  Since these changes primarily impact students with disabilities, I encourage you to share this information with the staff who will be conducting the follow-up activities for your district.

If you have questions regarding collecting and/or reporting this follow-up data, contact the Data Coordination Section at or 573-526-0299.