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Special Education Listserv

Subject: Early Childhood Special Education (Section 619/Preschool) ARRA Funds

Source: Shelley Witherbee, Director, Funds Management

Intended Audience: Special Education Directors, Financial Administrators, Superintendents

Date: June 25, 2009

The FY 10 ARRA IDEA Section 619 (Preschool grant) will be distributed to LEAs having an ECSE program in FY 10 as a separate funding grant after July 1, 2009.  These funds will not be used to support the regular Early Childhood Special Education (ECSE) program but instead be awarded as a separate grant for LEAs and, therefore, will not be included as expenditures on the ECSE FER.

We anticipate that the ARRA ECSE Grant funds will be handled in more of a paper format rather than through the existing electronic process.

ECSE ARRA funds may be used for the same type of expenditures as is currently allowed under the Part B regulations; however, they must be spent on the ECSE program.  If the LEA wishes to purchase capital outlay items (construction/renovation/buses) with ECSE ARRA funds, a similar prior approval process will be utilized as was recently posted for regular Part B ARRA funds.  However, we will post a separate ECSE Capital Outlay Purchase Prior Approval form at a later date.

We are in the process of calculating the allocation amounts per LEA and working on a method for LEAs to request these funds.  The allocations for LEAs will be significantly smaller than the IDEA Section 611 (Part B) ARRA funds since the grant award for ARRA Section 619 is $6,397,033 compared to IDEA Section 611 ARRA of $227,175,274.

A SELS message will be sent as soon as the allocations are calculated and the method for requesting those funds is finalized.