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Subject: MPACT Parent Mentor Evaluations

Source: Heike Imler, Interim Assistant Director, Effective Practices

Intended Audience: Directors of Special Education and Staff Responsible for IEP meetings

Date: June 23, 2008

MPACT parent mentors are available to offer support and guidance to parents of children with disabilities throughout the IEP process.

Parent mentors are volunteers who receive 18 hours of initial training, ongoing monthly training, and technical assistance from MPACT staff with regard to special education law, the IEP process, conflict resolution, and effective advocacy. Their goal is to help parents build a collaborative partnership with the school district so that their child may receive an appropriate education.  To view the list of current MPACT parent mentors, go to http://www.ptimpact.com/main/mentors.htm.  

If your school district has had an MPACT parent mentor in attendance at an IEP meeting, please take a moment to complete a brief online survey located at http://www.ptimpact.com/forms/survey_educator.htm if you have not already done so.  A separate survey should be completed for each mentor who has provided services to parents in your district.  These surveys assist MPACT and DESE in identifying and addressing areas of success and improvement with the Parent Mentor Program.

For more information about MPACT or if you have questions regarding the status of a parent mentor, please contact MPACT by telephone at (800) 743-7634 or by email at mpact@ptimpact.com.  You can also view the MPACT website at http://www.ptimpact.com.

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