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Subject: Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Training and Reimbursement Opportunity

Source: Angie Nickell, Supervisor, Effective Practices Section

Intended Audience: Certified teachers, behavior specialists, educational consultants, speech language pathologists, school counselors, social workers, special educators, directors of special education

Date: December 20, 2007

The Division of Special Education will provide course reimbursement for educational professionals who participate in the Florida Institute of Technology's online Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) course sequences:

3-course program for Board Certified Associate Behavior Analyst (BCABA) and 5-course program for Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA).

To learn more about the Florida Institute of Technology's ABA programs, application requirements, and reimbursement opportunity, please visit http://dese.mo.gov/divspeced/EffectivePractices/index.html and click on Reimbursement Opportunity.  Due to the limited amount of funding, individuals chosen to receive reimbursement will be based on the order in which the applications are received and will be limited to those who meet the minimum qualifications.                 

For more information, contact Angie Nickell at Angie.Nickell@dese.mo.gov or 573-526-5283. 

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