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Subject: MOSIS Online Training 

Source: Mary Corey, Director, Data Coordination


Intended Audience: Special Education personnel responsible for data reporting


Date:  November 28, 2007


The MOSIS Student Core submission is required this December for use in creating MAP barcode labels.  Districts are still required to submit Core Data Screen 11 as well as the MOSIS submission, unless an exemption has been granted by the Department.  Since the MOSIS collection will eventually be the only means of submitting the special education child count, we will be conducting cross-checks between this year’s Screen 11 Core Data Special Education child count and the MOSIS submissions in order to ensure the MOSIS submissions include all necessary special education students.


A live, two-hour training session related to the MOSIS Data Collection system, focusing on this year’s December MOSIS Student Core submission, is being offered December 5, 2007, at 1:30 p.m.  See http://dese.mo.gov/divspeced/DataCoord/ for information about the training.  Please note that district personnel are asked to register and attend the training as a group so someone from your district may already be registered for the training.  In addition to online demonstrations of the MOSIS submission process, questions regarding the special education child count data will be addressed.    


Should you have questions, please contact the Special Education Data Coordination section at 573-526-0299 or webreplyspedc@mail.dese.mo.gov.

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