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Subject: December 3, 2007, Count of Children with Disabilities (Screen 11)
Source: Mary Corey, Director, Data Coordination

Intended Audience: Special Education personnel responsible for data reporting

Date: November 6, 2007

Special Education December 3, 2007, child count data must be entered on Screen 11 of Core Data no later than December 15, 2007. Students must have an IEP in place and be receiving services on December 1 to be included in this count. Please note the following:

1) Several technical assistance documents, including updated reporting guidelines and Q&A are available at

2) Elementary (K-8) districts should NOT report their high school students who are attending school in a different district. These students should be reported by the high school district. Early Childhood Special Education students should be reported by the district of residence, not by the district providing the services (with exception for St. Louis County districts).

3) Component districts of the St. Louis Special School District should contact SSD if they have questions about the building level reporting; however, please note that the component district will need to add the LEP data to Screen 11.

4) The MOSIS Student Core submission is required this December for use in creating MAP barcode labels. We will be doing cross-checks between the Core Data Special Education child count and the MOSIS submissions, so try to ensure that all students with disabilities reported on child count are included in the MOSIS submission, including early childhood special education students and parentally-placed private school students. As we work through this process this year, we will address common issues and questions and make technical assistance available to all districts. Information about MOSIS can be found at http://dese.mo.gov/MOSIS/.

If you have questions regarding this collection, please contact the Special Education Data Coordination section at 573-526-0299 or webreplyspedc@mail.dese.mo.gov.

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