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Subject: MAP-A Registration and ProFile Information
Source: Julia LePage, Interim Director, Effective Practices

Intended Audience: Special Education Directors, Test Coordinators, School personnel who administer the MAP-A

Date: October 10, 2007

The MAP-A registration window is open until October 31, 2007. Please be sure to register all students who are eligible for the MAP-A. A letter was recently sent to each district MAP-A Coordinator with the user id and password for the district.

Additionally, the 2007-08 version of ProFile is now available with a link on the DESE website. This year ProFile is available in the downloadable version (just as in previous years) and a new web-based version. Both versions are also available on the Measured Progress website. There are advantages and disadvantages to each version, so teachers should try each version prior to the administration period which starts in January 2008.

The new web-based version is more portable than the downloadable version. It can be accessed from any computer with internet access.
However, there are certain functions that work differently in the web-based version than they do in the downloadable version, so it is advisable to print and read the manual before attempting to use this version. The forms are the same in both versions. As with the downloadable version, all questions should be referred to John Cunningham, whose contact information is listed in the MAP-A manual and on the ProFile information on the website for Measured Progress. It is preferable that you send John an e-mail if you have problems. He does not have voice mail but will answer the phone if he is available.

You may access the web-based ProFile version at the web address below or through the DESE Assessment portion of the website. For any further information, please contact Lin Everett in Assessment at 573-526-4295.


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