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Subject: MAP-A Training
Source: Heidi Atkins Lieberman, Assistant Commissioner

Intended Audience: Special Education Administrators and Superintendents

Date: September 10, 2007

Please do whatever you can to facilitate your teachers attending upcoming MAP-A training through the Regional Professional Development Centers (RPDCs). Keep in mind that the performance of the students taking the MAP-A can lead to a higher number of students in your district identified in the "proficient" category. The results of this test are heavily dependent on the expertise of the teachers administering it.

Attending MAP-A training is important for the following reasons:

* Science is added to the assessment for the first time this year. This portion is structured differently from the Mathematics and Communication Arts sections.

* Teachers who participated in the MAP-A Science Pilot reported a level of discomfort with science content. The training offers specific guidance and examples of MAP-A science activities.

* The training describes new rules for interpreting Mathematics and Communication Arts APIs. Failure to follow these rules will cause MAP-A entries to be unscoreable.

* New guidelines for selecting APIs have been established for the MAP-A.

* New forms have been added this year and some MAP-A forms have changed.

* New samples, developed from 2006-2007 operational MAP-A submissions, are available.

* Every teacher who attends a training session receives a copy of the 2007-2008 Instructor's Guide & Implementation Manual.

* Teachers who attend have an opportunity to work with colleagues to develop assessment activities for their own students.

* MAP-A assessment is not self-explanatory. It is a complex process.

Finally, keep in mind that administering the MAP-A does take time; support your teachers whenever possible with use of substitutes to free up some time for their MAP-A work.

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