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Subject: Response to Intervention (RtI)/Use in LD eligibility
Source: Margaret Strecker, Director, Compliance

Intended Audience: Directors of Special Education, Special Education Contacts

Date: July 26, 2007

Recently, there have been questions about whether a school district can use RtI for LD eligibility determinations when RTI is not used district-wide.

The U.S. Department of Education, Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP) has confirmed for us, that despite language to the contrary in a technical assistance document, school districts can incrementally implement the use of the RtI process within the district. OSEP indicated that there would be updates/revisions to the document some time in the near future to reflect this. In the meantime, our state regulations already allow for use of incremental implementation as the regulations do not specify that there has to be district-wide implementation for RtI to be used in eligibility determinations of children with a specific learning disability.

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