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Subject: Autism/Upcoming Training on "Early Intervention for Young Children with Autism" in Warrensburg

Source: Effective Practices Section

Intended Audience: Public and Private Preschool Teachers, Early Childhood Teachers for Title I and Special Education, Kindergarten Teachers, Process Coordinators for Early Childhood, and Directors of Early Childhood Programs

Date: April 9, 2008

This four-day training, provided by Project Access (a project funded by DESE through Missouri State University) is for educators who are or will be working with preschool students with autism and content specific to communication, behavior, and curricula issues.  Presented in two, two-day sessions (May 7-8, 2008, and June 11-12, 2008), with time between the two sessions, participants have the opportunity to go home, try out strategies, bring back questions, and formally report on their experiences.  It is advised that districts send teams in order to get the most out of the collaboration activities. 

Topics to be covered will include:

* Systematic ways to address problems through altering the environment and curriculum and through teaching new skills

* Choosing effective methodologies

* Merging special and general education

* Current trends and topics in early intervention

Registration is available on the Central Regional Professional Development Center (RPDC) website at http://www.ucmo.edu/rpdc/workshops/, click on Online Registration (left side of page), this will take you to the MyLearningPlan Online Registration, then scroll down the page to item #5 - Early Intervention for Young Children with Autism (EIYCA).

For questions, please contact the Central Regional Professional Development Center (RPDC) at 800-762-4146 or 660-543-8241. 


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