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Subject: Special Education End of Year Reporting

Source: Mary Corey, Director, Data Coordination

Intended Audience: Special Education Administrators, Core Data/MOSIS Personnel

Date: April 8, 2008

End of year collections for students with disabilities include discipline and exiting data, which were formerly reported on Core Data Screens 9 and 12, respectively.  Beginning with the June 2008 submission, this data will be gathered at the student level through MOSIS data collection and will not be reported on the Core Data Screens.

We highly recommend you work closely with the person(s) in your district responsible for submitting the MOSIS data to assure that the special education data is reported correctly.  In addition, MOSIS training is available through regional trainings and webinars.  Go to http://dese.mo.gov/MOSIS/ for more information on the MOSIS reporting system.  

Discipline data will be reported through the MOSIS Student Discipline Incident File.  The file should include all discipline incidents for all students, regular and special education, that resulted in in-school or out-of-school suspensions of half day or longer.  For further information, see Core Data Manual Screen 9 and/or the MOSIS Data Collection Component User's Guide.

Special education exit data will be reported through the MOSIS Student Core File.  Report all exiters from special education even if the student was not on your December 1 special education child count.  Any student who has exited special education from July 1, 2007, through June 30, 2008, (graduates, dropouts, return to regular education, etc.) should have both the IEP disability code and the special education program exit code reported in the Student Core.  Only one exit code can be reported per student.  See Core Data Manual Exhibit 20 at http://www.dese.mo.gov/divspeced/DataCoord/PDF/X20ExitCat.pdf for the list of exit categories.  This data will be used to populate the Core Data Screens and will be included in your Special Education District Profiles.

Additional information on end of year reporting regarding parentally-placed private school children and children who received early intervening services will be sent soon. 

If you have programmatic questions regarding the end of year collections, contact the Special Education Data Coordination Section at 573-526-0299 or email webreplyspedc@dese.mo.gov.  Technical questions regarding the MOSIS system should first be taken to your district's MOSIS contact.

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