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Subject: Disseminate SELS2 Information

Source: Lina Browner, Executive Assistant, Division of Special Education

Intended Audience: Principals, teachers, parents, and anyone that may be interested in subscribing to SELS2

Date: April 3, 2008

In 2000, the Division of Special Education created the SELS which has been and continues to be a limited e-mail group available to only one contact person per school district/responsible public agency.  It is used by the Division to disseminate important special education information concerning funding, compliance, data collection, professional development, etc. 

Last year, the Division created a second e-mail group called SELS2 which is open to anyone wanting to subscribe and currently has 800 members.

It allows subscribers to receive the EXACT same messages as subscribers to SELS.  This second e-mail group has given all constituents interested in special education the opportunity to receive the Division's e-mail messages.  Messages are from DESE only and may only be posted by the Division's manager, Lina Browner. 

We are asking districts and stakeholder groups to once again disseminate information about SELS2 to principals, teachers, parents, and any others who they feel may be interested in subscribing to SELS2.  Those interested in subscribing to SELS2 can do so by going to http://dese.mo.gov/divspeced/sels2_subscribe.html or by emailing Lina.Browner@dese.mo.gov.

SELS messages are archived at:  http://dese.mo.gov/divspeced/Listserv_Archives.html then click on SELS messages.

If you have questions about either SELS or SELS2, contact Lina Browner, Executive Assistant for the Division, at Lina.Browner@dese.mo.gov or 573-751-5739. 


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