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Subject: Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA)/Behavior Intervention Plan BIP) Online Resources

Source: Julia LePage, Interim Director, Effective Practices Section

Intended Audience: All district personnel

Date: January 15, 2008

Functional behavioral assessment is generally considered to be a problem-solving process for addressing student problem behavior.  It relies on a variety of techniques and strategies to identify the purposes of specific behavior and to help IEP teams select interventions to directly address the problem behavior.  After collecting data on a student's behavior during the functional behavior assessment and after developing a hypothesis of the likely function of that behavior, a team develops (or revises) the student's behavior intervention plan or strategies in the IEP.  Please click on http://www.dese.mo.gov/divspeced/EffectivePractices/ and then locate the FBA link under resources to view websites that offer a variety of resources to understand the usefulness of functional behavioral assessments and behavioral intervention plans in addressing student problem behavior. 

Please note the Division of Special Education is currently pursuing the development of an on-line training module.  Additional information will be sent when it is available.

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