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Subject: Improvement Grants/Letters of Intent

Source: Heike Imler, Interim Assistant Director, Effective Practices

Intended Audience: Directors of Special Education, Process Coordinators, Special Education Teachers

Date: January 14, 2008

The Division of Special Education recently extended invitations for public school districts to apply for Special Education Improvement Grants http://dese.mo.gov/divspeced/EffectivePractices/PDF/Grantinfo07.pdf.

The deadline for submission of letters of intent was January 7, 2008.  A list of districts that submitted letters can be found by clicking on "Submitted Letters of Intent" located at http://www.dese.mo.gov/divspeced/EffectivePractices/.

For the districts that submitted letters of intent, the deadline for application submission is March 3, 2008, 5:00 p.m.

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