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Summer School Program

The Application for Summer School Approval for the 2013-2014 summer session is now an automated form available to LEAs on Core Data Screen 24A. Definitions and instructions for completing the form are available on the adjacent menu. The Summer School application is due no later than May 15, 2014, and serves as notice that your LEA intends to offer summer programming. 

The 2013-2014 Summer School Information Handbook is also now available on the side menu.  Please be sure to familiarize yourself with the updated guidelines of the program and obtain board approval prior to submitting the application. 

All LEAs that offer summer school programming must provide information specific to their program as part of the MOSIS June Summer Course Assignment submission.  Although this data submission is due on June 30, 2014, LEAs are encouraged to submit the file prior to the start of summer school.  This will allow time to review the Staff Assignment Report for possible inappropriate certification issues and to make any adjustments needed.  Final approval of the summer school program will not be granted until this information has been submitted and teachers are determined to be appropriately certificated for their assignment. 

The summer school attendance and membership data will be reported in the August 2014-15 MOSIS cycle.  Please contact the School Finance Section at 573.751.0357 with any questions regarding the use of summer school average daily attendance in the Basic Formula, Proposition C and Fair Share payment calculations. 



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