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Reading Promotion Ideas

Submitted by Missouri Library Media Specialists

3 KC3 Books
1-2 Show Me Books
3-4 Authors' Birthday Drawing
3-4 KC Win Reading Challenge
4-8 Buy 20 copies of every Mark Twain Award book on next years list -- must be printed in paperback.  Take these to each classroom the last week of school -- students can check out for summer reading.  Talk about using public library over the summer.  Take any books left to the public library -- they keep the books in a separate place for checkout.  Pick the books up the first week of school and send reminders to students who need to return their books.  Lost a few books but very few.
5-12 Discussion of theme, requirements and rewards of the Ozark Regional Library's summer reading program.  
ALL Barnes and Noble Reading Charts -- complete the chart - get free book
ALL Local business coupons / money for reward
HS "READ" posters made in-house -- photographs of faculty members holding their favorite book with READ on the posters -- assistance from the business department -- frame them all over the library.  Students are now asking to be pictured on the READ posters.
HS Book displays
HS Bookmarks with the names of suggested titles
HS Bronco Book Club -- meet monthly to discuss chosen title.  Some sessions at school - some at local coffee house.  Includes faculty
HS Gateway Readers Award
HS Outstanding Promotion of Reading  Award -- given to several teachers each month and an annual award given at Honors assembly
HS OutstandiAugust 12, 2008om each grade level -- each month)
HS Poetry Contest twice during the school year -- prizes awarded and entries bound into book form to become part of the collection
HS Read MAIL -- HS students are paired with collection education students.  HS student selects book to read -- A  party was held at the HS LMC at the beginning of the project for people to meet.  Each pair read the same book with the college student taking the lead on guiding an email discussion of the book.  At the end of a set amount of time, students met again.  This party was held on the college campus. Could partner HS and JR students
HS School Wide Reading List -- suggestions from classroom teachers -- teachers give credit for reading selections and participating in reading contests and activities
JR 2003 Katy Trail Ride -- sponsored by the Mo. Dept. of Conservation (235 miles in 5 days) -- librarian and spouse rode -- took pledges of # of pages for each mile she rode and then celebrated at the beginning of school.
JR Book talks with milk and cookies  before school
JR Trivia contests (seasonal and tied to special weeks)
JR Paperback book swap
JR take digital pictures of students holding a book and then display it with their printed recommendation
K-4 Caldecott Challenge
K-4 Children's Book Week
K-4 Kinder Klassics
K-4 Missouri Building Blocks
K-4 National Library Week
K-4 Read Across America
K-5 January and February -- library staff issues the Read Around the Library Challenge.  -- ends early March -- challenge students to meet a goal or help us answer a question.  Last year we asked, Who reads more, boys or girls?  No prizes are awarded - emphasize the prize is knowing you participated and did your best -- other years - read more fiction or nonfiction?  Can we read enough books to make a trail of titles around the library and down the hall to the office.
K-6 1000 page summer reading challenge
MS Banned book week
MS Book Talks
MS Current Events
MS Library Week
MS Teen Read Week
Secondary Gateway Readers Award
Secondary SSR in seminar classes -- 10 block schedule and one class in seminar.  Students read the the book of their choice the first 23 minutes of each seminar class. 
Secondary Study halls transformed into reading classes -- students must read books and receive a grade on the basis of how many book quizzes they successfully pass.  Use Scholastic Reading Counts.  Third year and successful.  443 students passed 3000 quizzes