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Supplemental Educational (SES) Requirements

This is to clarify a few questions/issues regarding SES ----

When a building has been identified for School Improvement under Title I, Supplemental Educational Services (SES) are required to be offered the second and subsequent years to low-income students in that building.  A letter telling of the building’s School Improvement status must go to all parents of students in that building.  The district must also provide information explaining SES to parents of low-income students in the building.  You may send all the information in one letter, but you will have to make it very clear that SES are only for eligible students.  Keep this in mind as you get information ready next year.

A school district/LEA or building can NOT limit the choices a parent has among providers.  A complete list of providers serving your area of the state, including those serving the whole state, must go to parents.  After the parents have chosen a provider, the LEA works out a contract with the provider with parent input (times per week, etc.).

Here is a list from the federal guidance on ways you can give parents information regarding providers:


  • Ask providers to give the LEA stamped envelopes containing information about the program to be mailed by the LEA to parents of eligible students.  Before doing so, the LEA could let the provider know how many students are eligible, but not the names. 
  • Give providers “directory information” on all students in the school district (whose parents have not opted out of “directory information”) and allow providers to send a mailing to all parents of students in the district.
  • Hold an “open house” or “provider fair” and invite parents to come meet with providers about their supplemental educational service programs.
  • Provide information about providers to parents in school newsletters.
  • Leave information about each provider at eligible schools for parents to review when they visit the school.  Many providers have brochures and promotional materials that can be left at school sites for parents to read.


SES providers are aware of this guidance.  Remember you have to inform parents about all providers in your area.  If you have any questions, please email or give me a call.

Mary C. Pearce

Supervisor, Federal Programs

SES Contact

MO Dept. of Elementary & Secondary Education

Phone: 573-526-4472

Fax: 573-526-6698

E-mail: mary.pearce@dese.mo.gov



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