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School Improvement 1003(a) Funds

List Serve Message Date:  May 11, 2009

School Improvement 1003(a) Funds -- This e-mail applies to LEAs with buildings identified for school improvement under Section 1003(a) of the NCLB.

Beginning with School Year 2009-2010, Federal Programs will use the ePeGS (electronic Plans electronic Grants System) for all of their required plans and funding applications.  This e-mail is to clarify the transition to ePeGS and to detail the steps needed to convert the Federal School Improvement Plan/Application (current web-based system) to ePeGS (new web-based system). 

Under the current system, DESE allocated school improvement funds for all eligible buildings and each building developed a plan and budget based upon those funds.  The web-based plan/application was a multi-year plan, covering funds allocated from when the building went into school improvement until the school went out of school improvement.  A cumulative expenditure report was submitted for each building. 

In ePeGS, DESE will allocate school improvement 1003(a) funds for all eligible buildings and each building will develop a NCLB School Improvement Plan.  However, the LEA will submit one district-level budget which includes the school improvement funds for all buildings.  The budget will cover one program year.  Any funds remaining after the submission of the Final Expenditure Report will be made available for carryover if the LEA continues to have schools in Title I school improvement for the following school year.

Although the LEA has some discretion on how to budget school improvement funds, the LEA bears the primary responsibility for ensuring that the school in improvement receives technical assistance as it develops or revises its school plan and throughout the plan’s implementation.  The LEA will also be responsible to make sure appropriate funds are made available to the buildings to carry out planned improvement activities.

Steps to close out activities for Federal School Improvement Plan/Application (current web-based system):

  • The determination for school improvement is made in August and the 2009-2010 allocations will not be distributed until that time.  In order to avoid an interruption of school improvement services, schools in improvement may choose any date before September 30, 2009 to close out their Federal School Improvement Plan/Application.  The expenditure report will cover the cumulative amount expended from the beginning of the program until the present time.
  • Once the Final Expenditure Report is submitted, the LEA should send an e-mail to webreplyfinancialmgmt@dese.mo.gov indicating the report is final.
  • After Federal Financial Management receives notification of the Final Expenditure Report, the unexpended funds will be added as carryover on ePeGS.


Start-up activities for ePeGS (new web-based system) - NCLB School Improvement Plan

  • The LEA should enter the NCLB School Improvement Plan at the building level on the ePeGS planning tool for any building that was identified for school improvement in the Fall of 2008.  The requested completion date for this step was May 1, 2009.  All Title I rules will apply to the use of school improvement funds.  These funds must be used only to supplement, not supplant, the funds that would be made available from non-Federal sources for the school. 
  • Only Title I served buildings may use Title I school improvement 1003(a) funds.  Once the LEA chooses not to serve a building with Title I funds, that building would no longer be eligible to receive services through school improvement funds.
  • If the LEA is closing buildings or if there is reason to believe the school will not be in school improvement based upon data in the Fall 2009, contact your Federal Instructional Improvement supervisor for further instructions.
  • In August 2009, AYP determinations will be made and school improvement 1003(a) allocations by buildings will be distributed to the LEA.
  • If a new building has been identified for school improvement, the school improvement plan must be developed and entered in the ePeGS planning tool within 90 days of being identified.  Your school improvement plan must be developed with assistance from your Federal Instructional Improvement supervisor.  The design of the ePeGS planning tool requires the LEA to enter the plan in the year preceding the budget year.  Therefore, the LEA will enter the school improvement plan in the 2008-2009 plan year.
  • At the strategy level of the planning tool, the LEA must attach the strategies addressing school improvement activities to the NCLB School Improvement Plan.  In addition, the strategies should be attached to the appropriate funding sources, which may include Local Funds, Title I, or Title I School Improvement (a).
  • The LEA should budget School Improvement (a) funds in a district wide budget as soon as the school improvement plans have been approved by the Federal Instructional Improvement supervisor.  The goal is to have these plans submitted no later than November 15, 2009.


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