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Archived FedPro Message

SUBJECT:   Reallocation of Funds and Budget Amendments


We have completed the reallocation process for programs covered by your consolidated application according to the reallocation policy in the Consolidated Federal Programs Administrative Manual, Revised April 2010

This policy states:  “Excess funds will be made available for reallocation to LEAs.  For each program, eligible LEAs are those that did not have funds in excess of carryover limitations.  For each program, DESE will reallocate excess funds to eligible LEAs based upon the proportionate amount of funds allocated to the LEA for that program for the current year.”

The actual reallocated amount will be reflected in ePeGS under the Funding Application Menu.  Select the Current Funds Available, 2009-2010 year, and then Allocation Adjustments (row 2).  The reallocation in 2009-2010 has increased the amount of carryover for the 2010-2011 school year.

If you wish to use these funds during the 2010-2011 school year, you must amend your district’s budget to reflect this intent.  If you choose not to amend your existing budget, the reallocated funds will be used first, allowing you to carry over your current year funds.  If you have questions about the amendment process, please contact your Federal Compliance Supervisor

The Title IV.A program is no longer funded.  The carryover funds must be budgeted and expended during the 2010-2011 program year.  If your district is unable to expend these funds by June 30, 2011, please contact us so we may redistribute to other LEAs.  If your district needs to extend the obligation date beyond June, 30, 2011, contact our office at  The final date to obligate Title IV.A funds is September 30, 2011. 

Budget Amendments

This would be an excellent time to compare your budgets with anticipated expenditures.  ARRA funds must be budgeted and expended during the 2010-2011 program year.  The ARRA carryover funds are available on the 2010-2011 Current Funds Available page under Carryover Adjustments.  If you need to amend your budget, please submit this amendment at your earliest convenience.  The deadline to submit budget amendments is April 30, 2011

Pat Kaiser

Director, Federal Financial Management

Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education

PO Box 480

Jefferson City, MO  65102

573-751-8643 (phone)