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SUBJECT:  Public School Choice


Title 1 Buildings in Level 1 School Improvement MUST notify all the parents of students in these buildings that they are eligible to transfer to another building in the district with the same grade level configuration that is not in school improvement.  The parent notification letter template and forms are posted on the Supplemental Educational Services (SES) and Public School Choice webpage at:

District_Toolkit_Documents/SES_Toolkit_Index.html .  The templates are located under the “Required Notifications” heading.  Districts MUST use these templates as written to ensure that all required information is conveyed to parents.  An official copy of your parent notification on District/Building letterhead, signed and dated when it was sent to parents, must be uploaded to FormHog to demonstrate compliance with this requirement.  You will receive another message when the FormHog system is accessible for the 2011-2012 year.

David Welch, Director

Gifted Education|Supplemental Education Services|Public School Choice

Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education