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SUBJECT:  Department Begins Competition for $437 Million in Teacher Incentive Fund Grants


The following is the United States Department of Education’s press release announcing the availability of $437 million in Teacher Incentive Fund Grants.  The goal of this large grant investment is to support local projects that reward teachers, principals, and other school personnel who are successful in their efforts to improve student achievement.  The notice inviting applications and the application package can be found on the following website: . Applicants will apply directly to the United States Department of Education.

Dr. Stephen Barr, Coordinator

Federal Programs

MO Department of Elementary and Secondary Education


CONTACT: Sandra Abrevaya, (202) 401-1576 or


Program Targeted To Assist High Needs Schools & Subject Areas

Today, the U.S. Department of Education made $437 million in Teacher Incentive Fund (TIF) grant applications available for school districts, non profits and states. TIF grants support local projects that reward teachers, principals and other school personnel who improve student achievement.  States, districts and non-profits partnering with states or districts are eligible to apply. Applications are due July 6th and grants will be awarded in September 2010.

“As superintendent of Chicago Public Schools, I learned firsthand how TIF grants can prompt districts to create ways to reward success and drive reform,” said Duncan. “We want to scale up this promising program so we can recognize great teachers, principals and other school personnel who are working hard and raising student achievement.”

The Department will be awarding approximately $437 million in new TIF grants this fall.  These funds are available through both the ARRA and the FY 2010 appropriations. Applicants for these funds must meet TIF program and eligibility requirements including:


TIF applicants will receive additional points if they meet the following criteria:


The TIF program will hold two separate competitions— the Main TIF competition and the TIF Evaluation competition.  Both competitions will utilize the same aforementioned criteria. The Department is running a separate TIF evaluation competition in order to identify applicants willing to participate in a rigorous evaluation of the impact of performance based compensation on student achievement in high need schools.  TIF Evaluation competition applicants will be required to meet additional criteria and will be eligible for at least an additional $1 million over the 5 year grant period.  The Department will select winners for the TIF Evaluation competition first and then allow anyone who did not win the TIF Evaluation to compete for the Main TIF competition.

TIF began in 2006 and currently supports 33 grant sites in 18 states and has been implemented in 109 school districts, including charter school districts. The current program impacts approximately 55,000 teachers and 2,500 principals. The estimated range of awards is between $5,000,000- $10,000,000 and the Department expects to award approximately 40-80 grants.