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Archived FedPro Message

Subject:  LEAs and Buildings Identified for School Improvement Applying to Become a Supplemental Educational Services (SES) Provider

ListServ Message Date:  March 17, 2010

Missouri has received new information regarding the Title I.A regulatory provision that prohibits a State from approving as providers of Supplemental Educational Services (SES) schools identified for improvement, corrective action or restructuring and local educational agencies (LEAs) identified for improvement or corrective action (34 C.F.R. § 200.47(b)(1)(iv)(A),(B)).  The United States Education Department has indicated that Secretary Duncan intends to repeal the regulatory provision that prohibits a SEA from approving an identified school or LEA as a SES provider.

In anticipation of Secretary Duncan’s action, Missouri is extending the SES Provider Application window.  All SES Provider Applications must be postmarked by Thursday, April 15.  The services a school or LEA provides as a SES provider are different than the instructional programs the school or LEA may already have in place during the day and after-school.  If the LEA or school is approved as a SES provider, the school in School Improvement still has to notify eligible parents of all approved SES providers in Missouri that are on the list for that area.  Those that meet the criteria will receive a conditional approval until Secretary Duncan’s repeal occurs.  If Secretary Duncan does not repeal or waive this provision, all conditional approvals will be void.

The 2010-2011 SES application and scoring rubric may be found at

If you have any questions about SES and the application process, contact Mary Pearce at the phone number or email address below.  

Mary C. Pearce

Supervisor, Federal Programs

SES Contact

Phone:  573-526-4472

Fax:  573-526-6698


Larry Flakne, Director

Federal Instructional Improvement