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Archived FedPro Message

Subject:   Status of "Open New Year" Process for the Planning Tool of ePeGS

ListServ Message Date:  Feb. 4, 2010

To:          ePeGS Users

First I would like to say “Thank You” for your patience in the “Open New Year” process for the planning tool.  This is the first year that the New Year will roll over and we want this process to be smooth and trouble free.  Our IT Department has been working diligently to get this process available to all districts.  We are in the final stages of the testing portion and expect this to be available to the districts by the end of this week. 

There is a slight change from the information presented in the December webinars.  Originally, we intended to have the “Open New Year” process and the new changes to the needs assessment page available at the same time.  Even though our IT department has focused their attention on ePeGS, the needs assessment portion is not ready for use.  I do not have an estimated date of when it will be available, but will notify districts as soon as it becomes available.  You can begin entering your plans for 2009-2010 once the “Open New Year” button is accessible,  if you are ready to proceed with the New Year plans.

Once the needs assessment page has been updated to accommodate the program specific needs assessments,  then you will be able to add the program specific needs assessments on the Additional Elements page.  The district needs assessment can be edited/added as you enter your 2009-2010 year plans.  Remember, although the “Open New Year” button may be visible, it does not mean that your district is ready to Open the New Year.  Make sure to communicate this with all the ePeGS data entry and authorized rep users at your district because once that button has been selected, it cannot be unselected.

I will be setting up some additional webinars beginning in March for beginner ePeGS users and for focused areas.  Please watch the ePeGS website and for emails from the Listserv for more information on these webinars.



Angela Riner-Mooney, Assistant Director for Data Management

Department of Elementary and Secondary Education

PO Box 480

Jefferson City,  MO 65101


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