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Archived FedPro Message

SUBJECT:  NCLB Required Documentation submitted through FormHog


Please see the following CLARIFICATIONS.

Required Forms

Districts/LEAs received a notice that the District/LEA Improvement/Corrective Action Form was reopened in FormHog, and the letter sent to parents needed to be uploaded into the system.  For some districts, this has been the first and only letter they have to submit since they have no buildings in school improvement.  Districts are required to submit only the letters that pertain to them in order to meet compliance.  This year, all districts having to submit any of the four letters will see all four forms.  This is a functionality we will change for next year.

Do You Need to Upload Another Letter?

Districts and/or schools were to upload the improvement letter(s) and the SES letter(s) that were sent to parents.  The instructions on the forms say  “Districts must attach a signed copy of the … “ to upload.  A number of letters have been submitted as the Word document prior to being put on letterhead and being signed.  These are being noted as Not Compliant (NC) on the Response Checklist, and districts are having to upload the correct letter(s).  To facilitate the review/approval process, please ensure that you have uploaded the required letter that was signed and sent to parents on letterhead into the corresponding form.  Your original submission will remain in the system to indicate your initial attempt to meet the required timeframes.

System Functionality

On January 14 we realized that notices to district contact personnel have not gone through to the recipient.  The purpose of the notice(s) was to inform you to review the Response Checklist for that letter, and to follow the requirements to meet compliance.  Notices will be resent in the next two weeks.


ALL required letters should be uploaded into the appropriate form in FormHog by February 1, 2011.

If you have any questions, please call Mary Pearce at the number below or Tawanda Edwards at 573-751-3468.

Mary C. Pearce

Missouri Department of Elementary & Secondary Education

Office of Data System Management

Phone:  573-526-4472

Fax:  573-751-9438