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Archived FedPro Message

District Immigrant Count

List Serve Message Date:  June 4, 2009

Please review your district’s immigrant numbers.  Your district’s immigrant count can be found at  This information was reported in the April 2009 MOSIS Student Core file.  Your district’s immigrant count is used for the Title III-Immigrant allocation and required reporting to the United States Department of Education.  Please review this data closely.  If it is not correct, resubmit the April 2009 MOSIS Student Core file by June 12, 2009.  If the information on the website is incorrect or if you have not certified your April 2009 MOSIS Student Core file, please contact by June 12, 2009 indicating your school district name and the correct count.  You will still need to submit or resubmit your April 2009 MOSIS Student Core file.  It is very important that information completed in MOSIS is accurate and reliable.

Below is guidance on how immigrant students should be coded in MOSIS.

Immigrant (NCLB, 3301 (6)) – Designation for students who are ages 3 through 21, were not born in any State, and who have not been attending one or more schools in any one or more State for more than three full academic years.

State (NCLB, 3301 (14)) – The term “State” means each of the 50 States, the District of Columbia, and the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico.

Number of Months in USA – This identifies the number of months (cumulative) that an LEP/ELL or Immigrant student has been in the United States as of April 1st for the reporting year. 

Title III –  If your district receives Title III funds and the immigrant student is receiving Title III services, then you would select yes for Title III.

If you have questions regarding these fields in MOSIS, please call Kim Oligschlaeger at 573-751-3543 or by e-mail at


Kim Oligschlaeger, Supervisor

Accountability Data and Accreditation Section and the
Federal Grants and Financial Management Unit

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