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SUBJECT:   Final Title I School Improvement 1003 (a) Allocations

LISTSERVE MESSAGE DATE:   October 19, 2011

Title I School Improvement (a) final allocations for SY 2011-2012 have been posted in ePeGS.  The School Improvement funds are to be used to address the reasons why the building did not make AYP.  Each building identified for school improvement must have an approved NCLB School Improvement Plan before the district-level budget application may be approved.  Your School Improvement Plan must be developed with assistance from your Federal Instructional Improvement supervisor.  The design of the ePeGS Planning Tool requires the LEA to enter the plan in the year preceding the budget year.  Therefore, the LEA will enter the School Improvement Plan in the 2010-2011 plan year.  Title I School Improvement 1003(a) requires an authorized representative (level 3) for both the plan and funding application in ePeGS.  The district’s User Manager can assign the role.


Funding for each building identified for improvement is available under Title I School Improvement (a) Final Allocations at  The building level allocations are $15,000 per building.  Building with Title I School Improvement 1003(g) SIG allocations do not receive funding under the 1003(a) program.

All Title I rules will apply to the use of School Improvement funds.  These funds must be used only to supplement, not supplant, the funds that would be made available from non-Federal sources for the schoolOnly Title I served buildings identified for school improvement may use Title I School Improvement (a) funds.  Once the LEA chooses not to serve a building with Title I funds, that building would no longer be eligible to receive services through School Improvement funds.

The LEA must budget School Improvement (a) funds in a district wide budget prior to obligating funds.  These funds are available to address building level needs for improvement.  Although carryover is available for School Improvement (a) funds if the LEA continues to have a school in Title I School Improvement for the following year, LEAs that have not expended at least 75% of the funds for each building by June 30, 2012 may be at risk of losing future funding.  All expenditures as of June 30th must be reported through the Final Expenditure Report (FER) in the 2011-2012 program year in ePeGS.

If you have questions, please contact our office at 573-751-4420 or

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