LESSON SIX: The Writing Process



Students begin the writing process. Student use the research handout for prewriting activity.



R3C         Use details from texts to answer questions, retell main idea and important details, organize a sequence of events, identify simple cause and effect, draw conclusions, compare and contrast texts, identify author’s purpose for writing text, and make inferences about problems and solutions.

W1A      Follow a writing process to independently use a simple graphic organizer in pre-writing, generate a draft, routinely reread and revise work, routinely edit and proofread for capitalization, and ending punctuation, and independently publish work.



§         Sources of literature 


§         Supplies 

o        Research Template

o        Research articles (print-outs from Yahooligans)

o        Pencils

o        Highlighters (optional)

o        Sticky notes (optional)


§         Handouts provided

o        Research Template


§         Words to know

o        author’s purpose

o        cause and effect

o        compare

o        contrast

o        draft

o        draw conclusions

o        graphic organizer

o        retell

o        main idea



Teacher observation, research articles, research templates.




1.        Model strategies for gathering information for the research template. Students identify key information (use of highlighters and sticky notes is optional for marking key information) in their articles and place information on their research template.


2.        Students complete research template.


3.        Confer with students individually and make anecdotal records.