LESSON NINE: Giving Credit and Final Copy



Students learn the importance of giving credit to an author when using his/her information. Students begin writing their final copy.



W1A      Follow a writing process to independently use a simple graphic organizer in pre-writing, generate a draft, routinely reread and revise work, routinely edit and proofread for capitalization and ending punctuation, and independently publish work.



§         Sources of literature 


§         Supplies 

o        Rough drafts template/pencils

o        Final copy paper (stapled copy paper resembling a book)

o        Research articles (print-out form Yahooligans)

o        Crayons or colored pencils for illustrations


§         Handouts provided

o        Final copy paper (stapled copy resembling a book)


§         Words to know

o        draft

o        graphic organizer



Teacher observation and rough draft template.




1.        Using the rough draft template, model strategies for completing the section “Sources I am Using.” Discuss the importance of giving authors the credit for their ideas, images, and information. Information needed includes: Title of article, author, resource, date.


2.        Students begin final copy which should be in book form. Each area of information should be displayed on a separate page. Illustrations should follow. Student may  use scoring guide.


3.        Confer with students individually and make anecdotal records.