LESSON EIGHT: The Writing Process Continues (Revising and Editing)



Students revise and edit their rough drafts. (Two days)



W1A      Follow a writing process to independently use a simple graphic organizer in pre-writing, generate a draft, routinely reread and revise work, routinely edit and proofread for capitalization and ending punctuation, and independently publish work.



§         Sources of literature 


§         Supplies 

o        Rough draft template

o        Pencils

o        Research articles (print outs from Yahooligans)

o        Scoring guide

o        Revising checklist

o        Editing checklist


§         Handouts provided

o        Revising checklist

o        Editing checklist


§         Words to know

o        draft

o        graphic organizer



Teacher observation, anecdotal records, revising checklist, editing checklist




1.        Review the concepts of revising and editing. Distribute the revising and editing checklist. Discuss the checklist. Goals for revising could be: word choice, clarity, details, or deeper content. These could vary depending on the individual conferences that have taken place and previous mini-lessons/discussions.


2.        Use a student’s work to model the process of revising and editing.


3.        Give students time to revise and edit their work. Students revise and edit the rough draft.


4.        Encourage students to view the scoring guide (individually or whole group).


5.        Confer with student individually and make anecdotal records.