Animal Reports Scoring Guide


Name ________________________________________________________________



Title Page

         Animal name                                                                                                 1pt.    _____

         Studentís name first/last                                                                             1pt.    _____

         Overall presentation                                                                                    3pts.  _____

Total 5pts.    _____


Introductory-First Page

         Animal name                                                                                                 1pt.   _____

         Interesting Topic Sentence                                                                        4pts. _____

Total 5pts.   _____


Second Page

         Continent where the animal is found                                                        2pts. _____

         At least three sentences of information                                                   3pts. _____


Total 5pts.   _____


Third Page

         Kind of Animal/Different Species                                                             2pts. _____

         Physical Appearance/Coloring & Looks                                                 3pts. _____

         At least three sentences of information

Total 5pts.    _____

Fourth Page

         Homes-Appearance                                                                                     2pts. _____

         Homes-Made or Found                                                                               3pts. _____

         At least three sentences of information

Total 5pts.    _____

Fifth Page

         Important Body Parts-Description                                                            2pts. _____

         How it is used                                                                                               3pts. _____

         At least three sentences of information

Total 5pts.   _____

Sixth Page

         Activities-What do they do?                                                                     2pts. _____

         How do they get food-Hunters/Gathers                                                  3pts. _____

         At least three sentences of information

Total 5pts.   _____

Seventh Page

         What do they eat?                                                                                       2pts. _____

         How often do they eat?                                                           3pts. _____

         At least three sentences of information

Total 5pts.   _____

Eighth Page

         Babies-What do they look like?                                                                2pts. _____

         How do they care for their young?                                                           3pts. _____

         At least three sentences of information

Total 5pts.   _____


Ninth Page

         Why you chose this animal                                                                       2pts. _____

         Conclusion/Interesting Fact                                                                      3pts. _____

         At least three sentences of information

                                                                                                                                Total 5pts.  _____


Sources Page

         Sources Written Correctly                                                                          2pts. _____

         3 Sources Used                                                                                            3pts. _____



         Hand drawn neatly and in color                                                                Total 10pts. _____



         Each paragraph is indented                                                                        Total 5pts. _____


0-2 Spelling Errors                                                                3pts. _____

3-5 Spelling Errors                                                                2pts. _____

6 or more Spelling Errors                                                     0pts. _____


Overall Organization

         Exceeds Expectations                                                                                  3pts. _____

         Meets Expectations                                                                                     2pts. _____

         Below Expectations                                                                                     1pt.   _____


Sentence Structure

         Exceeds Expectations                                                                                  3pts. _____

         Meets Expectations                                                                                     2pts. _____

         Below Expectations                                                                                     1pt.   _____


         Used the computer to type your book                                                     1pt.  _____                                                                    

Total possible score                                                                                            75