LESSON FOUR:  Using a Venn Diagram to Compare Two Texts

Using a Venn diagram, students compare The Very Hungry Caterpillar to Butterfly or From Caterpillar to Butterfly.



R1I:  Identify connections, with assistance, between text ideas—similarities and differences in various real and make-believe works (fiction and non-fiction) and text ideas and own experiences.

R2C:  Uses details from text to identify story elements (main characters and problem).

R3C:  In responds to text develop questions to clarify meaning, answer questions and discuss text, recognizes important information, and identify supporting details.



Sources of Literature

§         The Very Hungry Caterpillar or Clara Caterpillar by Pamela Duncan Edwards or similar text






Make mental notes of observations of students who recognized similarities and differences in the two texts, which will be recorded later in anecdotal notes and on a checklist of all unit objectives.   At the end of this lesson, record your observations of students who recognized similarities and differences in the two texts.  Notes from this observation and others can be used to rate each student using the checklist at the end of this unit.




1.        Gather in read aloud area and gain attention of students by using a class signal.


2.        Discuss both books with the students.





How are both books alike?

How are they different?



3.        Introduce the Venn diagram, if students have not used one before.



If this is the first time for the students to use a Venn diagram, you may want to introduce the concept with two hula-hoops.   Have students sort things according to color.  One circle for red things and the other circle for blue things and the middle section for things both red and blue.


4.        Students say what is similar in both books and complete the Venn diagram on the chart paper.  Example:  Both have caterpillars or butterflies.


5.        Repeat the procedure with what is different in both stories.  Example:  Hungry Caterpillar eats people food and the real caterpillar eats leaves.



To avoid answers such as they both have words.  You may think aloud to model.  “I am wondering about the caterpillars… “