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Technology and Engineering Education TE GAP General Information

General Overview

There is a great deal of enthusiasm about program improvement among our Technology and Engineering professionals in Missouri and the assistance that this grant provides in facilitating the improvement process through professional development activities and financial reimbursement.  You are about to embark on a challenging but valuable journey as you research the development of a Technology and Engineering (Non-Competitive) Grant for your school.

There are a number of questions that are frequently asked about our agency grant that need some explanation.  Our agency wants to know if it is getting its "money's worth;" the superintendent wants to know if the teachers are using the items purchased in their curriculum and whether the curriculum improvements are affecting student achievement and motivation; parents want to know if the new acquisitions are improving their child's achievement; the curriculum director wants to know if the effect on teacher performance and student skill development has improved.  Someone has to try to answer these questions.  For better or for worse, this someone is you!

Yes, there are strings attached to the grant.  In this age of limited resources, people want to know if the money they are spending is producing results, and they want answers soon.  Yes, your time is limited.  Your are still trying to coordinate the purchase of the new equipment and make sure that it is running properly.   Your are also trying to make sure that the appropriate training is being used to gain the most effective results to improve your program.  On top of all of this you are trying to do what's best for your students and trying to satisfy all of these different interests.  About now you are asking yourself this questions, "How can I be successful and satisfy all these interests?"

That is what we hope to accomplish with this "Tips and Suggestions Guide for Developing a Technology and Engineering Education Program Improvement Grant."  View this grant and the development process as a friend to your program's future, and you will have a great opportunity to do some great things for students.

Recommendations for a successful experience

It is a goal of the Technology and Engineering Grant Awards Program (TE GAP) to offer as much assistance as possible to our teachers in developing quality TE Programs.  Please review this list carefully to ensure that your grant application is as thorough as possible in your efforts to improve your program.  The department recommends that the TE GAP give careful attention to completing the Technology and Engineering Program Improvement Evaluation Form attached to the RFGA.

Common Questions

How do I keep up with my regular assigned duties and be certain that I meet all of the deadlines specified for the various documents required in the grant process?

Management and organization will be very important to you and your staff in order to maintain a level of confidence in following through with the process, as well as earning the respect of your principal and superintendent for future applications.   Many of our effective Technology and Engineering Education teachers who continue to have successful grant applications have earned that respect and enjoy the benefits for them and their program.  It is worth the effort to organize!  It has been said that 90% of a successful project is in the planning and management at the beginning of the process.

The following suggestions will help you prepare an organized plan to achieve success:

  1. Have a wall chart of project deadlines posted in an appropriate place where you see it frequently on a daily basis.
  2. Maintain a file system to keep copies of all communications; phone, email, letters, faxes, etc., for future reference.
  3. Always maintain extra copies of all official forms forwarded during the grant process.
  4. Maintain regular contacts with the vendors used in your requests to ensure successful and on-time delivery of your items purchased.
  5. Prepare periodic reports for your administrators in order to keep them informed of how things are progressing.
  6. Type all forms for clarity and understanding.  The easier you make the task of processing your paper work, the easier it will be for those processing paperwork to find solutions to problems if they arise.

I have turned in all of the required forms, reports, and reimbursement requests for the grant. Do I need to do any final project activities?

Before you celebrate the completion of the grant project you should take one last opportunity to go through your check list to make sure all items have been processed. Your administrators will appreciate this tremendously!

Finally, now would be a good time to begin working on another Grant project.  Many grant writers who are successful say that writing another grant immediately following an already successful one breeds more success.  It is certainly a great deal of work, but the benefits to your program and your students will make it all worth while.