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SkillsUSA Student Conferences


Statewide Fall Leadership Conference

September 26-28, 2013

Capitol Plaza Hotel and Convention Center

415 West McCarty Street

Jefferson City, Missouri

The purpose of this conference is to help the local members of SkillsUSA chapters to develop or improve their leadership skills and run a complete chapter. We use the program of work as our guide and do the planning for a full year.

SkillsUSA members have the opportunity to take part in many varied leadership activities during the conference. Each participant will have the opportunity to complete level 1-4 of the SkillsUSA Professional Development Program and earn the Missouri State Leadership Award. This Conference runs from Thursday night through Saturday morning.

District Fall Leadership Conference

A SkillsUSA District Fall Leadership Conference is usually held during November or December each year.  This conference pulls together all the schools in that district to participate in a one-day training session for local club officers and develop a unified feeling about their SkillsUSA Districts.

National Leadership & Skills Conference

June 23-28, 2014

Kansas City, Missouri

The SkillsUSA Missouri championships has been called the showcase of technical education.  It recognizes career and technical education students who excel in their occupational areas, as well as leadership development activities that are such an integral part of the SkillsUSA program in the classroom.

The involvement of industry in the SkillsUSA Missouri championships program is essential.  Leadership, health, trade, industrial and technical experts donate their time to serve as contest judges and as technical committee members.  They assume responsibility for selecting the skills that are to be judged, determining the format of the contests and establishing the standards by which contestants will be judged.

Besides showcasing students' skills, the Missouri SkillsUSA Championships, by the very nature of competition, urges students to take pride in their work.  It also provides prospective employers with an opportunity to see dedicated, motivated potential employees at work.

To continue to meet the needs of both these potential employees and prospective employers, the lines of communication between technical education schools and industry must be kept open.  Educators need to be able to identify industry's needs and, in turn, develop appropriate curricula.