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SkillsUSA Membership


Dress code

General Sessions and Professional Meetings on the district and state level are the “dress-up” occasions.  Appropriate clothing includes:  business-like attire, SkillsUSA official attire, or SkillsUSA official work clothing.  Oxford-type or polo-type dress shirts with slacks are acceptable.  The only T-shirt acceptable will be the Missouri SkillsUSA

T-shirt provided at registration.  Shoes must be clean and well kept with enclosed toes.

SkillsUSA Official Attire

Official Attire for Women: Official red blazer or jacket, black skirt or slacks with businesslike white, collarless blouse or white blouse with small, plain collar that may not extend onto the lapels of the blazer, black sheer or skin toned seamless hose and black dress shoes.

Official Attire for Men: Official red blazer or jacket, black trousers with white shirt, plain black tie with no pattern or official SkillsUSA black tie, black socks and black shoes.

Official  work clothing for skills contest is the work uniform specified for their particular contest as described in the SkillsUSA on line store at skillsusastore.org.

Leadership Contestant, district and state level

Contestants in Chapter Business Procedure, Customer Service, Community Service, Extemporaneous Speaking, Job Interview, Opening and Closing Ceremonies, SkillsUSA Quiz Bowl, Prepared Speech, and Students interviewed in Promotional Bulletin Board, Chapter Display and Scrapbooks, must be in SkillsUSA official attire.  Contestants in Action Skills, Job Skills Demonstrations, Principles of Technology and Tech – Prep may have on their uniform instead of SkillsUSA official attire.

Skills Contestants, district and state level

This consists of SkillsUSA official work clothing, or SkillsUSA T-shirt and clean, well kept pants, or proper work clothing for the occupation.  Students in a skills contest should reserve their Missouri SkillsUSA T-shirt for these occasions:  awards ceremony, general sessions, and pre-contest meetings.  Proper work clothing for the occupation will allow T-shirts, other than the Missouri SkillsUSA T-shirt, to be worn during the competition (provided they are not otherwise prohibited).

Prohibited Dress, district and state level

The following is not considered Missouri SkillsUSA official attire:  t-shirts or sweatshirts with liquor, tobacco, or inappropriate music advertisements; with suggestive or profane languge or pictures, language or graphics or advocating illegal drug use, skulls, negative or belittling messages; torn or patched jeans, shorts or skirts shorter than appropriate for business attire.