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SkillsUSA District Championships

General Regulations

  1. The Missouri SkillsUSA Championships Technical Standards are written as guidelines for the administration of state contests.  They should serve as models for administration of local chapter and district contests but should not be considered binding for district associations in conducting district SkillsUSA Championships.  They are a guide to assure that the qualifying contest contributes to the overall preparation of the student to enter the work force and assists in the preparation of the student for state competition.
  2. All problems and exercises mentioned in the Missouri SkillsUSA Championships Technical Standards are sample exercises only.
  3. A careful and thoughtful analysis of the skills and knowledge required for successful employment in technical, skilled and service occupations, including health occupations will identify a core of technical and scientific principles that students should understand.  Knowing these principles will increase their chances of succeeding and progressing in their fields and form a basis for understanding and applying new technology as it is introduced to their respective fields.  Competitors are expected to understand such principles as they apply to their skill areas.  They will be expected to know and demonstrate the following:

a.     Mathematics

1.     Addition, subtraction, division and multiplication of whole numbers, common fractions, decimal fractions, ratio, proportion, percentage, average, area, volume, metrics and written problems specific to area of training.

b.     Engineering drawing or print interpretation and schematics related to specific areas of training.

c.     Completion of a job application form.

d.     Making an appointment for a job interview.

e.     Proper interview techniques.

f.      Responding to oral questions clearly.

  1. The competencies listed in this publication under each occupational area are the basis for a quality technical program from which our state contests are derived.  They have been listed to provide direction and assistance to district associations as they establish their district and local SkillsUSA Championships and to identify the scope of the state contest.
  2. Skill Related Written Test: Written tests and problem-solving exercises covering skills and related information will be included as a part of each contest.  The number of points allowed will not exceed 25 percent of the total possible points and will be determined by the technical committee.  The following procedures will apply:

g.     The test will cover the appropriate math, technology, schematic, engineering drawing or print interpretation, safety, problem solving and related information needed for employment.

h.     The test will be prepared or approved by the Missouri SkillsUSA Championships Technical Committee and may be given at the pre-contest orientation meeting or on the day of the contest.

  1. An oral professional assessment, such as a personal interview, oral explanation of skills to be performed, problem to be solved, or other employability skills assessment, may be included as a part of each contest.
  2. Each individual contestant in both leadership and skill contests will be given a written test taken from the Levels 1 and 2 of the Professional Development Program.  The State SkillsUSA Director will prepare the test.  The test will not include the names of District or State Officers, District Junior and Senior Advisors and the State Director.  The contest technical committee will administer the test at the pre-contest meetings.
  3. Missouri District SkillsUSA Championships awards will be presented to the top three contestants in each division.

I.     No ties will be permitted in the Leadership, Skills and Math Contests.  Ties will be awarded when they occur in the written Contest with the exception of the Math Contests.

  1. Who May Compete:  Participants must be active SkillsUSA members in their respective divisions whose dues have been postmarked by midnight of February 1st.

j.     Students must be adequately prepared as outlined in the contestant eligibility policy as established by the Missouri SkillsUSA Executive Council.

k.     A policy exists whereby exceptions may be made under certain conditions.  For details contact the State SkillsUSA Office.

  1. Clothing:  Participants must meet the clothing requirements for the individual contests.  For specific requirements, refer to the individual contest regulations.  The penalty for contestants who do not satisfy the dress requirements will be a maximum of 5 percent of the total possible contest points.
  2. Tools and Materials:  Participants who do not bring the required tools and materials, as specified in the individual contest regulations, will be penalized two points for each missing item.  The contest chairperson may provide the missing item(s) but must assess the penalty for each item.
  3. Procedure for Contestants:  Contestants must attend the pre-contest meeting for skills or leadership events.  During the contest, participants must work independently without assistance.

Observer Rules

  1. Where space permits, a roped or otherwise marked area will be designated for observers.  No observers, including SkillsUSA advisors, will enter the designated contest areas without the approval of the Missouri SkillsUSA District Championships Technical Committee.
  2. No observers will talk or gesture to contestants.
  3. Judges will disqualify contestants who accept assistance from observers.
  4. No observers will be permitted in the contest holding room or at the pre-contest orientation meeting unless specifically invited by the Missouri SkillsUSA District Championships Technical Committee.
  5. Additional limitations on observers, such as entering or leaving a contest area during a demonstration or sequence, may be posted to protect contestants from unnecessary distractions.
  6. No cameras with flash attachments or recording devices of any kind will be permitted in any contest area without the written consent of the Senior District SkillsUSA Advisor.