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District Financial Planning and Management


The Missouri SkillsUSA By-laws allows each district to operate independently of the State Association, as long as it's not in conflict with either the State or National Constitutions.

When determining activities, we encourage each SkillsUSA District to function independently to creatively serve the needs of their student and advisor members.  However, the State SkillsUSA Director and the District Financial Officer must coordinate all financial planning and management of student moneys, since legally, under the charter of the State SkillsUSA Corporation, the districts and the state association are a single entity.  We are required to report all income and expenses to National SkillsUSA, the Internal Revenue Service and the Missouri Department of Revenue. This also extends the tax-exempt status to the district operations.

The Senior District Advisor and the conference host schools must bill and collect the district registration fees.

  1. Each District Financial Officer shall keep a ledger of all transactions.
  2. At the State Executive Council Meeting, each Senior District Advisor will give a report of their account.
  3. The method of charging material for contests is one of two ways:
    • Charge material to the SkillsUSA District.
    • Charge material to the local school district (CLEARANCE IS NECESSARY FROM THE SCHOOL ADMINISTRATION).
  4. Upon receipt of the invoice, a check is issued to the vendor.
  5. Missouri Program Operating Policy states, "The District Executive Council will determine whether or not the money has been spent wisely."  Please note; however, that SkillsUSA District moneys should be spent on normally consumable items, rather than the purchase of equipment or tools.
  6. Each District Advisor shall have a budget for the year.  Missouri SkillsUSA will bill the Districts the cost for the District Statesman Pins, District medals, District trophies and State copying expenses for the District contest.