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SkillsUSA District Fall Leadership Conference

Suggested Conference Planning

  1. Prior to the start of school, meet with the District Executive Council and local advisors to set a time, date and place for the Fall Leadership Conference.
  2. Prior to the start of school, or when convenient, meet with District Officers to plan the activities of the conference.  Some suggested activities for the conference are:

    A.  Opening and Closing Ceremony by District Officers.

    B.  Announcements or presentation by District Advisor.

    C.  Announcements or presentation by State SkillsUSA Staff

    D.  Guest speaker (topics should include Preparing for Leadership in the World of Work, Attitude Development, Leadership Training, Motivational, or Enthusiasm presentation)

  3. E.  Group officer meetings to train new local club officers in their duties.

  4. After an agenda for the meeting has been developed, the Junior Advisor should then correspond with all local clubs giving all pertinent information regarding the conference including time, date, cost, agenda and pre-registration.
  5. Follow-up phone calls should be placed to predict the number of students and advisors attending, as well as encouraging local clubs to attend. A procedure for preparing a registration packet each local chapter with a list of participates, name tags and programs.
  6. It should be understood that this conference is normally held during a school day.  Length of time allotted for the conference can vary, but is normally held between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m.  This allows for travel time to and from the various schools.  It should also be noted that, because it is held through the lunch hour, students should be encouraged to bring a lunch or lunch could be included in the registration fee.  The district could provide beverages.
  7. SkillsUSA Missouri District Leadership Award - An individual leadership activity that should be a part of your Fall Conference is participation in the District Leadership Award Program.  Students are to be able to recite the requirements listed.  Make sure all advisors and students try for this award.  Prepare a check-off sheet for each student and orient advisors as to which requirements they are to screen.  District Leadership Award pins are available from the State SkillsUSA Director.

NOTE:  These requirements should be sent to all schools in advance!

Missouri District Leadership Award Requirements:

  1. know the SkillsUSA motto,
  2. know the SkillsUSA colors and their meaning,
  3. know the 6 points of the SkillsUSA Creed,
  4. know the meaning of each part of the SkillsUSA Emblem,
  5. know the SkillsUSA Pledge,
  6. know the official SkillsUSA dress for men and women,
  7. name the 9 Missouri SkillsUSA Districts,
  8. know one part of the Opening & Closing Ceremony,
  9. know your Senior and Junior District Advisors and their schools, (send to each school)
  10. know your District Officers and their schools (send to each school),
  11. know your State Officers and their schools (send to each school),
  12. know the Missouri State SkillsUSA Director and know the SkillsUSA Region Missouri is in.

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