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Finding A College or Training Program


Some careers require specific college degrees or technical certificates, while others are built on training through an apprenticeship, or on informal on-the-job training. If you aren't sure what training you need for the job you want, check the resources on the right. It's also a good idea to talk with local people who work in the field that interests you.

If you enjoy school and don't know what career you want, a liberal arts degree from a community college or a four-year college or university is worth pursuing. Many employers will hire a job candidate with a degree over a candidate without one for a position where a degree is optional. Most, if not all, training programs and colleges require a high school credential — either a diploma or a High School Equivalency.

Visit Missouri Connections to explore colleges and training programs in Missouri and across the nation.

To get a feel for what college is like, check out College for Adults, a virtual campus that will give you a feel for what's involved.

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