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Date Webinar Office
09/27/2013 Graduation: It’s All About the Data

This webinar focuses on dropout prevention for all students and features Jimalee James, Willow Springs School District, and Tammy Ridgeway, Jefferson City School District, as they share how they use their data to decrease dropout for all students. This is the second webinar in our year-long webinar series.

This webinar will be of interest to district and school administrators, school counselors, special education directors, general and special education teachers.

Special Education
09/25/2013 Nonpublic

The Missouri Department of Elementary Education will be hosting a Nonpublic webinar to discuss the nonpublic registration form, the public school/nonpublic school consultation process, program evaluations, professional development requirements, allocation procedures, findings from the Department’s June 2010 Title I review, and other federal program issues.

Both public and nonpublic schools are encouraged to participate.


Quality Schools
09/24/2013 NCLB Finance Tiered Monitoring

This webinar provides an overview of the Tiered Monitoring process and details the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Finance requirements and evidence of implementation.

This webinar will be of interest to Federal Program Coordinators and Financial Adminstrators.

Financial and Administrative Services
09/23/2013 MOSIS Back to School

This webinar covers the Core Data and MOSIS data collections for the beginning of the 2013-14 school year including the August, October, and December Cycles. Individuals responsible for collection and submission of Core Data and MOSIS should view this webinar.

Data System Management
09/18/2013 Financial Aid Reality Check

The Missouri Department of Higher Education’s financial literacy expert, Marilyn Landrum, focuses on current issues relating to future and current college students.

Topics covered during this session include:

College and Career Readiness
09/11/2013 Policies and Implementation for Educator Evaluation

This webinar is for anyone interested in aspects of Missouri's Evaluation System.

Educator Quality
09/05/2013 September Office of Data System Management Update

This webinar presents information and updates from the Office of Data System Management.

Data System Management
09/04/2013 Evaluating New Teachers

This webinar is about evaluating new teachers using Missouri's Evaluation System.

Educator Quality
09/03/2013 Special Education Transfer Students

This webinar describes the process and compliance requirements that ensure a timely and seamless transfer for students with disabilities from one school district to another. The updated model In-State and Out-of-State Transfer Documentation forms is shared.

School administrators, special education directors, and process coordinators, school counselors, school staff involved with enrollment of students will benefit from viewing this webinar.

Special Education
09/02/2013 Tiered Monitoring System Introduction and Overview

This presentation provides a brief summary of the new Tiered Monitoring System and a general navigation walk-through.

Special Education


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