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Guidance Digest

The Guidance Digest, which contains information to assist those working with students in matters regarding their students' personal/social, academic, and career development, is transmitted approximately every two weeks by e-mail to the e-mail addresses of school district designated guidance contacts as listed on screen 03 of Core Data. Those contacts are requested to then forward the Digest to all counselors, placement personnel, career and technical education counselors and administrators within their districts.

In order to try to reach as many of the counselors as possible, but still keep the distribution lists manageable, the latest copy of the Digest will be posted on this site within the week after it is transmitted to the district contacts.

Because part of the information in the Digest is, at times, time-sensitive, it is requested that guidance contacts not receiving e-mail digests contact John Robbins by phone at (573) 751-6875 or by e-mail at: [email protected] in order to try to resolve any difficulties.

2014/2015 Digests

2014 Digests

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