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FCCLA Leadership

Regional Information

The Missouri Association of Family, Career and Community Leaders of America is made up of fourteen regions with local chapters within the region. The purpose of the regional level is to provide meetings that will offer training and an understanding of the total FCCLA organization. Each region holds a fall meeting during which leadership training sessions are held.

Regional officers are elected to provide leadership for the region, plan and carry out the regional meeting and to help the chapters within the region. The procedure for their election will vary in accordance with the bylaws of the region.

Regional officers have an opportunity to be involved in Family, Career and Community Leaders of America above the local level. This involvement requires a greater understanding of FCCLA to be able to transfer knowledge of the organization to other members. A regional officer is to be a regional, state, and national affiliated member in good standing on the local level and be willing to take on added responsibility.

Regional Meetings - Each fall, the 14 Missouri FCCLA Regions hold Regional Meetings. For information on the Regional Meeting, contact the Regional President and Regional Advisor.


2015-2016 Missouri Regional Presidents

Region 1 - Maggie Fuhrman, Nodaway Holt High School

Region 2 - Olivia Lauhoff, Chillicothe High School

Image of Missouri FCCLA regions

Region 3 - Kassidy Cupp, Marceline High School

Region 4 - Madelyn Woods, Montgomery County R-2 High School

Region 5 - Ashlee Fortschneider, Hazelwood West High School

Region 6 - Colten Winter, Scott County Central High School

Region 7 - Courtney Roberts, Holcomb High School

Region 8 - Kylie Francis, Greenville High School

Region 9 - Walker Ince, Hartville High School

Region 10 - Timber White, Walnut Grove High School

Region 11 - Mackenzie Osborn, Lockwood High School

Region 12 - Renae Clark, Rich Hill R-IV High School

Region 13 - Dala Wooldridge, Boonville High School

Region 14 - Hannah Crone, Lee's Summit High School

2015-2016 Missouri FCCLA State Executive Council Members

State President – Brent Aubuchon, Hermitage High School

State 1st Vice President – Alexandra Newman, Ste, Genevieve High School

National Liaison – Abbie Clark, Chillicothe High School

National Liaison – Caylie James, Meadville High School​

Vice President of Alumni & Associates – Chandra Hubbs, Houston High School

Vice President of Community Service – Shade Bullock, Morgan County R-II High School

Vice President of Development – Bryce Youngs, Maysville High School

Vice President of Elections – Savannah Dieckmann, Cole Camp High School

Vice President of Membership – Samantha Morgan, Sullivan High School

Vice President of National Programs – Kimberly Cunninghman, Clarkton High School

Vice President of Public Relations – Abbegail Robinson, Van-Far R-1 High School

Vice President of STAR Events – Kendra Kennedy, East Newton High School

Vice President of STAR Events – Ashley Arthur, Grandview High School

Vice President of State Programs – Daria Kern, Bloomfield High School


State Executive Council Information

Each State Executive Council Member is a liaison between the state and regional organizations. Every member is expected to attend the annual State Leadership Conference, Fall Leadership Conference, National Leadership Conference, and two State Executive Council Meetings (summer and winter). Each is also responsible for leadership development activities within their respective region, in cooperation with the regional executive council.

The State Executive Council will:

  • Determine policies and procedures.
  • Determine what business will be brought before the State Leadership Conference.
  • Pass upon credentials of the candidates for national office.
  • Approve funds for use of delegates and chapter advisors attending National Leadership Conference.
  • Plan the annual budget.
  • Make plans for the State Leadership Conference.
  • Make plans for leadership training program (s).
  • Conduct other necessary business for growth of the association.

The State Executive Council has the authority and control over the association, subject to such regulations and bylaws as may be adopted by the Missouri Association Family, Career and Community Leaders of America.

The State Executive Council of the Missouri Association Family, Career and Community Leaders of America is composed of the elected state officers, occupational representative appointed by the president in consultation with the state advisor, and national liaisons.

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