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Getting Started with PLTW Engineering

Registered Schools' Information and Resources

District and/or LEA

The links in this section are for district administration and primary contacts responsible for the supervision or management of the PLTW programs at the local level.


The links in this section are for registered teachers responsible for instruction and lab management of the PLTW courses at the local level.

  • Core Training (To Be Updated Soon)
  • Teacher Registration (To Be Updated Soon)

DESE Course Codes

PLTW Course Name

Middle School Course



Gateway to Technology

Foundation Courses

21.0104 100404 Principles of Engineering (POE)
21.0104 100405 Introduction to Engineering Design (IED)

Specialty Courses

21.0104 100406 Digital Electronics (DE)
21.0104 100407 Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM)
21.0104 100408 Civil Engineering and Architecture (CEA)
21.0104 100409 Aerospace Engineering (AE)
21.0104 100410 Biotechnical Engineering (BE)
Capstone Course
21.0104 100422 Engineering Design and Development (EDD)