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Awards & Scholarships

Advisor Recognition

Master Advisors and Advisor Mentors

This is a two-step recognition program. Master advisors are local advisors who have displayed outstanding skills in advising co-curricular chapters. The expertise of these advisors will be tapped to assist beginning advisors in the second level of recognition, Advisor Mentors.

Master Advisors and Advisor Mentors will be recognized at the annual State FCCLA Leadership Conference during the Advisors Session. All recipients selected on the state level will be recognized at the annual National Leadership Meeting. Advisors need not be present at the National Leadership Meeting to receive this recognition.

Candidates should complete and send the application and recommendations to the state office by January 15. This application can be submitted by the candidate or as a nomination by another advisor, teacher educator, local Family and Consumer Sciences & Human Services supervisor, or professional colleague. When nominating others, it may be best to contact the nominee to obtain complete information.

  • Master Advisor Form
  • Advisor Mentor Form

Excellence in Advising Award

Advisors that go "above and beyond" for their FCCLA members may be nominated by any FCCLA chapter president, officer or member. Since this award is not based on years of advising, all chapter advisors are eligible to be nominated. Recipients will be recognized during the State Leadership Conference. A committee appointed by the State Executive Council will determine the number of award recipients.

Advisors, you work hard to make FCCLA an important and positive part of your students' lives. Do not discourage your members if they mention they would like to nominate you! Consider it a well-deserved compliment. Deadline is: January 15.

  • Excellence in Advising Award Form

Years of Service Award

Individuals who have served as an advisor will be given recognition at the annual State FCCLA Leadership Conference for their years of service to an affiliated (state and national dues paying) FCCLA chapter, Beginning at the 5 year level. Advisors will be recognized in five-year increments, i.e., 5, 10, 15, 20 years and up. Deadline is February 15.

  • Years of Service Award Form

Recognition of Retiring Teachers

Recognition will again be given at the State FCCLA Leadership Conference to FCCLA advisors who will be retiring at the end of the school year. Deadline is February 15.

  • Recognition of Retiring Teacher Form

Scholarship Program

Each year, Missouri FCCLA awards scholarships to FCCLA members, as determined by the scholarship policies. The number of scholarships awarded will be determined by the screening committee. The application deadline is February 5 (postmark deadline).

  • Scholarship Policy Form

Missouri FCCLA Distinguished Service Award

Individuals whose primary responsibilities are directly related to the FCCLA program that has given outstanding contributions and continuing service to the state and/or national organizations may be awarded the State Distinguished Service Award. Use the form below for submitting nominations. Deadline is January 15.

  • Distinguished Service Award
  • Distinguished Service Award Form

Outstanding School Administrator Recognition Program

Family, Career and Community Leaders of America's Outstanding School Administrator Recognition Program seeks to honor local administrators who give outstanding support to the organization on the local, state and national levels. Two top Missouri administrators will be recognized at the annual State FCCLA Leadership Conference, and their applications will be submitted to the national organization to be considered for the National Outstanding School Administrator Award.

Any FCCLA member, advisor or parent may nominate a school administrator. To place a name in nomination, please follow the instructions on the application form and submit to the state advisor all required materials by February 15.

  • Outstanding School Administrator Award Form

Missouri FCCLA Honorary Membership

Honorary membership in the state organization of FCCLA is granted to persons whose professional responsibilities are not directly related to FCCLA, who has made outstanding contributions, and who is giving continuing service to the state and/or national organization by advancing its purposes. Use the form below for submitting nominations. Deadline is January 15.

  • Honorary Membership Award
  • Honorary Membership Form