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Marketing Education

Content Area:
Marketing Education

Career Clusters:

Model Curriculum
Course Date Unit
Advertising 2011 Promotional Plan
Branding and Consumer Behavior
Careers in Advertising and Promotion
Forms of Media and Technology
History and Evolution of Advertising and Promotion
Market ID and Creativity
Promotional Mix
Entrepreneurship 2011

Business Concepts
Business Math
Communication Skills
Entrepreneurship Skills
Financial Income Statement
Legal Intellectual Property
Market Research 
Marketing Management 
Production Operational Management

Marketing I   Career Professional Development
Marketing Concepts
Product Service Management
Marketing II   Career & Professional Development
Channel Management
Global Marketing
Integrated Marketing Communications
Marketing Information Management
Retailing   The Retail Business
Retail Business Strategy
Retail Store
Exploring Career
Sports and Entertainment   Channel Management
Finance & Risk Management
Human Relations & Career Readiness
Market Research
Product & Service Management
Selling and Promotion
Sponsorships & Endorsements
Sports & Entertainment Marketing Foundations


Curriculum Profiles for Marketing Education
Marketing Education Curriculum Standards by MBA Research
Published 2011. File last modified 2011-07-01.
Marketing I Instructional Framework
Published 2011. File last modified 2011-07-01.
pdf207KB doc333KB
Marketing I Standards Document
Published 2011. File last modified 2011-07-01.
pdf133KB doc75KB
Marketing II Instructional Framework
Published 2011. File last modified 2011-07-01.
pdf130KB doc171KB
Marketing II Standards Document
Published 2011. File last modified 2011-07-01.
pdf95KB doc64KB


Additional Materials for Marketing Education
Additional Mentoring Resources
Career Clusters Alignment Tables
Career Education Mentor Resource and Certification Manual
Concentrating on Reality Education
Cooperative Career Education Curriculum Framework
Effective Curriculum & Instruction for Career Education
Embedded Credit Implementation Materials
Embedded Credit Toolkit
Employability Competency Profile
Gender Equity Lessons
Missouri Statewide Career Education Mentoring Program
Programs of Study Implementation Modules
School to Career Portfolio
Supervised Marketing Education Employment Program Manual
What the Custodian Saw

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