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CDE Handbook

CDE Event Last Update Right Click & Choose Save Target As to Download
Cover & Table of Contents 12/7/12 Cover
Guidelines 12/11/13 Guidelines
Agricultural Mechanics 12/11/13 Ag Mechanics
Ag Mechanics Scantron 11/18/09 Ag Mech Scantron
(Previous years examples in Ag Mechanics are found at:
Agricultural Sales 12/11/13 Ag Sales
Agricultural Sales Scantron 11/18/09 Ag Sales Scantron
Agricultural Sales A 1/26/12 Ag Sales Form A
Agronomy  1/7/14 Agronomy
Agronomy Scantron 1/17/12 Agronomy Scantron
Dairy Cattle 1/7/14 Dairy Cattle
Appendix A
12/2/10 Appendix A
Dairy Cattle Handlers' 12/2/10 Dairy Cattle Handlers'
Dairy Cattle Scantron 3/5/09 Dairy Cattle Scantron
Dairy Foods 1/15/14 Dairy Foods
Dairy Foods Sample Problem 3/5/03 Dairy Foods Sample Problem
Dairy Foods Scantron 3/5/09 Dairy Foods Scantron
Entomology 1/15/14 Entomology
Entomology Scantron 1/7/14 Entomology Scantron
Farm Management 12/11/13 Farm Management
Farm Management Scantron 11/18/09 Farm Management Scantron
(Previous years exams provided by Ron Plain are found at: http://agebb.missouri.edu/mgt/plainffa/index.htm)
Floriculture 12/11/13 Floriculture
Floriculture Scantron 3/5/09 Floriculture Scantron
Forestry 12/11/13 Forestry
Forestry Scantron 1/17/12 Forestry Scantron
Horse Evaluation 12/11/13 Horse
Horse Scantron 3/30/06 Horse Scantron
Livestock 12/11/13 Livestock
Livestock Scantron 3/5/09 Livestock Scantron
Meats Evaluation 12/11/13 Meats
Meats Scantron 3/5/09 Meats Scantron
Nursery Landscape 12/11/13 Nursery-Landscape
Nursery Landscape Scantron 3/5/09 Nursery-Landscape Scantron
Poultry 12/11/13 Poultry
Poultry Scantron 1/7/14 Poultry Scantron
Soils 1/7/14 Soils
Soils Scantron 3/5/09 Soils Scantron
Appendix I 12/2/10 Soils Appendix-I
Appendix II 12/2/10 Soils Appendix-II
Interpretation 12/2/10 Soils Interpretation
Scorecard 12/2/10 Soils Scorecard

FFA Leadership CDE Last Update Right Click & Choose Save Target As to Download:
FFA General Guidelines & Rules 12/11/13 FFA Leadership Rules
FFA Creed Speaking 12/11/13 Creed Speaking
Extemporaneous Public Speaking 12/11/13 Extemp Speaking
Prepared Public Speaking
(includes Division I, II & Advanced)
12/11/13 Prepared Public  Speaking
Appendix 3/18/11 Comment Card
FFA Knowledge 12/11/13 FFA Knowledge
  2/26/14 MO FFA Ag Ed Facts for Knowledge LDE
Parliamentary Procedure 12/11/13 Parliamentary Procedure
Job Interview Guidelines 12/11/13 Job Interview
Ag Issues Forum 12/11/13 Ag Issues Forum
Appendix A
12/11/13 Ag Issues Appendix A
FFA Books 12/11/13 FFA Books
Includes:  Recordbooks
Secretary's Book
Treasurer's Book