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Week of March 30



The Application to Request IRCs is Now Open

The Request for Industry Recognized Credential (IRC) Status 2015 application is now available.  This application must be submitted by a Missouri public school district or charter school administrator.  It is permissible, and encouraged, that school staffs consult with vendors to assure accuracy of information.  Incomplete or nonresponsive applications will not be reviewed or approved.  Please go to this link to submit your request.

The window for submitting a Request for Industry Recognized Credential (IRC) Status 2015 application is March 17, 2015 through June 30, 2015.  Applications will be reviewed in early fall, and an updated IRC list will be posted on this webpage not later than October 15, 2015.  New IRCs will be added to the Core Data code set to be used beginning the 2016-17 reporting year.

Quality Program and Program Evaluation Tools

Administrative Memo CCR-15-007 (http://dese.mo.gov/sites/default/files/am/documents/CCR-15-007_Common%20Criteria%20and%20Quality%20Indicators%20for%20Career%20Education%20Programs.pdf) addresses two documents that are now available for your use. 

  • Common Criteria and Quality Indicators
  • Program Evaluation and Improvement Tool

 These documents are great resources for you to utilize to help achieve a quality program.

Week of March 9


Have you checked out the standards found on the MBA Research Web site? These standards will directly correlate with the TSA assessments that are administered to your students.   http://www.mbaresearch.org/index.php/curriculum-teaching

We are a member state of the MBA Research Consortium.  Make sure to sign up for “States Connection” to get additional resources.

Week of March 2

50/50 Money

Monies are available on a 50 percent matching basis (50 percent local district reimbursement and 50 percent state reimbursement) to purchase equipment, software and workstations in approved business, marketing and cooperative education classrooms across the state. The district may NOT use Enhancement Grant funds or Perkins funds to match the funding for the 50/50 reimbursement. 


In order to be eligible for the 50/50 reimbursement, the district must have a/an:

  1. approved business or marketing program
  2. appropriately certificated business or marketing teacher
  3. active FBLA or DECA chapter
  4. offer at least 3 approved business or marketing credits each year​


  • Service contracts/maintenance agreements
  • Furniture – no teacher or student furniture
  • Fax or copying machines
  • Facility improvements or repairs (cabinets, flooring, air conditioning, wall removal, interior/exterior construction, etc.
  • Annual/reoccurring licensing or subscription fees, except curriculum


  1. The 50/50 funds can be used only for approved business and marketing courses.
  2. Items requested on a one-to-one basis are based on the previous year’s course enrollments.  The enrollment in Personal Finance does NOT factor into the number of eligible items in which you can apply.
    1. Explanation: Personal Finance had an enrollment of 20 and all other courses had enrollments less than 15, you cannot request more than 15 of the same item.
  3. A minimum unit price of $200 is required for reimbursement.
    1. If an amount under $200 appears on an invoice, the district will not be reimbursed for that item even if it was approved on the FV4. 
  4. Equipment in Career Education programs should reflect equipment currently used in business and industry.
  5. All equipment purchased for the approved career education program must be located in the approved program for a minimum of three years.

FV4 (application to receive funds)

  • Submit two (2) signed originals of the “Application for Authorization of Career Education Expenditures” FV4 form on or before July 1, 2015. 
    1. Both FV4 forms must have the original signature of the appropriate school district official.
  • The amount requested on the FV-4 should reflect the total of the state and district contributions.
  • Email (preferred), mail or fax the FV4 forms to the appropriate section director. 

FV2 (request for reimbursement)



This is the new form to collect information about the district’s requesting funds.  This form may* require you to report the following information:

  • District name, school name, school phone, country district code (LOOK UP CODE HERE)
  • Contact person and email
  • Teacher name and email
  • Yes or No questions:
    • Is the teacher properly certificated?
    • Is the CTSO affiliated at the state and national level?
    • Is there a written program evaluation?
    • Did your program’s advisory committee provide input into this funding request?
  • Date of last program evaluation
  • Open Response Questions:
    • Identify the student learning objectives that support the funding request
    • How will the mastery of the objectives be assessed?
    • How do you plan to use items requested to improve student learning?
  • List all teacher names and their emails that may be utilizing the equipment
  • List all approved courses taught by the teacher making the request and give a three (3) year average class enrollment

 *Form not yet been approved--official information requested may vary

Week of February 23


The FY16 50/50 forms are not yet available.  I will post them on the listserv and on the BMIT homepage as soon as they are ready.  We have to wait for the forms to be approved through all the channels here at DESE as well as the Office of Administration.


Clarification: When reporting number of concentrators, remember that there is a difference between a concentrator and a completer.  Just because a student has NOT taken a TSA does not mean they are not a concentrator.  Any student with 3 credits in a sequence, as defined by your district, IS a concentrator.