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Week of November 17, 2014​

The Marketing Model Curriculum Units are available 
here.  Links to the supporting documents were sent via the listserv.

The Enhancement Grant recorded webinar can be found at http://dese.mo.gov/communications/webinar/fiscal-year-2016-vocational-te....  

Week of November 10, 2014

Fiscal Year 2016 Vocational-Technical Education Enhancement Grant Webcast, November 18, 2014

The Office of College and Career Readiness will be hosting a webcast on Tuesday, November 18, 2014, at 1:00 pm, to provide guidance on the revised application process and administration of Vocational-Technical Education Enhancement Grants that will take effect beginning with the fiscal year 2016 (FY16) funding cycle.  Log-in capacity is limited to registered 500 users, so we ask that whenever possible, multiple persons wishing to participate from the same location do so from a common, shared computer.

Access to the event  and registration will be available through http://dese.mo.gov/communications/webinar/fiscal-year-2016-vocational-technical-education-enhancement-grants.

This event is being offered live so that, time permitting, questions from participants can be answered.  Regardless whether all questions can be answered during this two-hour event, the entire webcast will be archived for online viewing, along with a document that summarizes questions and answers.

In addition to the opportunity to submit questions through the live webcast, those submitted by email sent to [email protected] through November 28, 2014 will be included in the summary.


Week of November 3, 2014

Links to the Model Curriculum units' supporting documents were sent via the mo-bused listserv. 

On Tuesday, November 18, the Department will offer a webcast addressing the FY16 Vocational-Technical Education Enhancement Grant application process, beginning at 1:00 pm.  More specific details will be posted here and via the listserv as they become available.

11/05 (CBTA Fall Meeting - DESE Update)

Model Curriculum:
All Business Model Curriculum unit templates are uploaded to http://dese.mo.gov/college-career-readiness/career-education/career-educ....  We are in the process of uploading the Marketing Model Curriculum units now.

MBA Research: 
Visit www.mbaresearch.org and sign up for State's Connection.  Currriculum, standards, course profiles are available to you free of charge.  Missouri is part of the MBA Consortium.  High School of Business is offered through MBA Research.  We have funds allocated to help districts become a HSOB program.  They also offer program accreditation.

Membership is at 10,000.  Make sure to complete the Adviser Information Form.  Membership is to be paid by December 12.

Enhancement Grant:
A webcast will be done soon.  Details will be put on the listserv.  It will be posted at http://dese.mo.gov/college-career-readiness.  The deadline for FY16 applications is February 6, 2015.  Read the Administrative Planning Guide very carefully.  There are changes that you must be aware of.

Chrissy Bashore ([email protected]) is now handling the 50/50 funds.  The FV2 forms are due March 31.  Remember that the FV2 must be signed by an administrator and you must attach only the paid invoice.  We have met a few times as CTE directors to discuss the possibility of streamlining the FV4 process amongst program areas.