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News and Updates

Week of October 20, 2014

Enhancement Grant information was disseminated Friday, October 17.

Advisory Committee

Updated information pertaining to advisory committees can be found at http://dese.mo.gov/college-career-readiness/career-education/advisory-committee.  

IRC Update

The Department of Elementary and Secondary Education opened an application window from March 1, 2014 through June 30, 2014 so that Missouri public school administrators could request specific industry recognized credentials (IRCs) be added to the MSIP 5 list of approved IRCs.  The IRC committee met on September 3 to review the applications.  This committee has been meeting and providing advice and direction to the Department on IRCs since 2012.

The review committee was guided by two significant principles.  First, the MSIP5 definition of an IRC: A portable, recognized credential (tangible evidence) that validates an individual has successfully demonstrated skill competencies in a core set of content and performance standards in a specific set of work related tasks, single occupational area, or a cluster of related occupational areas.

Second, the MSIP 5 Performance Standard 3, Indicator 4: The percent of graduates who earned a qualifying score on an Advanced Placement (AP), International Baccalaureate (IB), or Technical Skills Attainment (TSA) assessments and/or receive college credit through early college, dual enrollment, or approved dual credit courses meets or exceeds the state standard or demonstrates required improvement.

The Department received 102 IRC applications.  50 of those were unresponsive and 20 were submitted multiple times.  In all, 33 separate assessments were reviewed; five were approved as requested.

The following assessments will be added to the approved IRC list beginning the 2015-16 school year for reporting beginning in June, 2016:

Autodesk Professional Certification
Certified Junior Culinarian
Final Cut Pro X Associate Certification
Microsoft Office Specialist
Oracle Database SL Fundamentals I

DESE Update

The following informaton was shared at the BMIT Mentoring Meeting on Monday, September 29.

  1. For those students who, for example, take courses more on the graphic design side versus more general business courses one of the Adobe Certified Specialist IRC may be the way to go. I have received emails from teachers stating that students can’t pass the Fundamental Business Concepts TSA/IRC because that content isn’t addressed too heavily in their IT courses. 
  2. All 50/50 money is allocated at this time. How do I get it? Complete an FV4.  An FV4 is a short application requesting funds.  It is your best guess, prices change.  The administrator must sign the form.  In mid-August , the superintendent will receive a letter stating it was approved. FV4s are scanned.  Email us to let us know if the letter was not received and we’ll email a copy of the FV4 and approval letter. Once you know the FV4 was approved, you can make your purchase(s).  It is important to stay within your approved award amount.  Let’s say you were approved for a $700 laptop and a $800 printer.  Before making the purchase, your other laptop died.  Can you get another laptop instead of the printer? Yes, but please email us to let us know.  The most important thing is not spending over your approved amount.  Once you make the purchase, submit a signed FV2, which is the form requesting reimbursement.  We only need the paid invoice, not the PO, copy of the check, the bid, the invoice, the credit card statement, etc. We always prefer email as there is only one fax machine on the floor.  You can also snail mail. What can you buy? Classroom equipment and software.  All items must be over $200 in unit price, with the exception of software.
  3. I have not yet begun the process of recruiting members but I do want to revitalize the BMIT Advisory Committee.  What we all need to remember is that we need to prepare students for business and industry.  Curriculum must be aligned to their needs. 
  4. The MBEA and MCEA Summer Conference is July 21, 2015, in Springfield. ​
  5. BMIT Emerging Technology Workshops are held during the summer.  I will try to get them scheduled for July as there are a lot of you who teach summer school. Please understand that this poses an issue for our accounting department so it may not be able to occur in July.