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BMIT News and Updates Archives

Week of January 26

Core Data Entry

Please talk to your data person to make sure all approved courses are coded correctly so you are getting credit for all your approved courses.

0204       Business Program Code
0304       Cooperative Ed Program Code
0404       Marketing Program Code

EG Update

  • Make sure to use Internet Explorer when submitting your information.  Other browsers may causes issues with your application process.
  • After submitting your plan, it will show up in your district's list of plans, on the main page, and will show a status of "Submitted to DESE."

CTSO Data Collection

Beginning in the June cycle of the 2014-2015 school year, school districts will be required to provide student information regarding their participation in Career and Technical Student Organizations (CTSOs). This data will be reported within the Career Technical Student Organization (CTSO) file. The purpose of this data collection is to provide the department with a more concise look at the level of student participation in CTSOs. Please view the administrative memo found on the BMIT Homepage for complete details.

High School of Business

Please email Lori Niekamp at [email protected] vif you'd like to participate in the HSOB conference call to learn more information about the HSOB program 

Best Practice: Teaching HS Business and Marketing Workshop

Registration is free.You will receive lunch, 10-module access to the online MBA Learning Center for you and up to 99 of your students, minimum of two course guides of your choice, and a $250 credit toward online testing and associated badges. (Registrants must participate fully in the workshop to receive the credits.) Register here.

Kansas City:  Friday, March 27, 9:00 – 4:00 Specific meeting locations to be announced.
Workshop Facilitator:  Jodi Adams (KY)

St. Louis:  Friday, April 3, 9:00 – 4:00 at St. Charles Community College, Cottleville, MO
Workshop Facilitator:  Jessica DeVaal (ND)

Week of January 19

Approved Course Additions

The Business, Marketing, and Information Technology Education section has added the following to the approved business education course list.
Course Code Course Name
156895 AP Macroeconomics
156995 AP Microeconomics
156393 IB Economics
Individuals who hold a Business Education teaching certificate and who have completed College Board requirements will be added to the list of teachers considered appropriately certified to provide instruction in AP Microeconomics, AP Macroeconomics, and IB Economics courses.
Individuals who wish to provide instruction for a College Board approved AP course will need to complete the course audit process with the College Board and have a syllabus approved by them.. Attending a College Board summer institute in the subject area to be taught is also highly recommended. The summer institutes in Missouri are coordinated by Truman State University and Southeast Missouri State University. Additional information regarding these institutes may be viewed at the following websites: http://ap.truman.edu/ and http://www.semo.edu/aptd/

Enhancement Grant (EG) Clarification

Clarification on the EG reimbursement related to high demand, enrollment and concentrators.

Limitations for Allowable Costs

A.  Provision of equipment and/or non-consumable supplies for student use on an actual or near 1:1 basis is eligible for reimbursement from grant funding with the following limitations:

1.   For occupational preparatory career education programs that have been state-approved and in place for three or more years, such purchases may be subject for grant approval based on one of two scenarios related to the grantee's number of CTE concentrators in the appropriate career cluster:

a.   In instances where the three-year average number of CTE concentrators for the course offering for which funding is sought is at or below the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education's maximum recommended standard for students per teacher (33 students), eligible reimbursement for the class shall be limited to a number of units not to exceed the three-year concentrator average; or

b.   In instances where a grantee's overall three-year average for any of the 16 CTE career cluster concentrations is above the Department's maximum recommended standard for students per teacher, expenditure of grant funding shall be available for 1:1 student to equipment or non-consumable supply or material for any cluster-aligned course.  Per eligible course, the total number of allowable units shall be the lesser of the peak number of students enrolled at a given time or the Department's maximum recommended enrollment for a class, 33.

2.   Exceptions to these limitations will require written authorization from the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education and will be subject to close scrutiny prior to such approval.  The burden of supporting evidence to demonstrate that the above formulaic options present undue challenges for any portion of an application shall rest entirely on the grantee.

3.  Applications submitted for eligible courses in programs that have been state-approved and in place for less than three years or new for the upcoming school year will be subject to negotiated numbers of units for which eligible reimbursement will be authorized.

What does the above mean?

You want every student in your class to have a computer (1:1 basis), that means that your program must have that many concentrators, on average, over the past three years. 


Your enrollment is 20 in your high demand course.  You had 3 concentrators in 2014, 5 in 2013 and 4 in 2012, you will only receive reimbursement for 4 computers.  4 is your average number of concentrators.

Please do not forget that 50/50 funds will still be available.  The FV4 and the additional program information form will be available in early February.  Applications are due July 1.  

Week of January 12

Enhancement Grant

Within the next day or two, an amended version of the FY16 Vocational-Technical Education Enhancement Grant Administrative Planning Guide will be reposted at http://dese.mo.gov/college-career-readiness/career-education/program-management-account-finance/grants.  The cover page will show the planning guide is "as amended January 13, 2015".

This version adds Appendix IX with guidance for submission of the narrative component of the FY16 grant application for each program a school seeks funding. This web application also will serve as the vehicle to submit the EGFV4 for all programs the LEA or postsecondary institution is seeking enhancement grant funding.

The guidance also includes a number of "screen shots" to provide supplemental guidance from a visual perspective.

The web app is anticipated to go "live" latter part of the afternoon, Friday, January 16, 2015.  For those who already have crafted responses to the seven writing prompts, the process of entering the narrative into the web app will merely take a few minutes for each program for which funding is being sought.


Districts are preparing for their competitions which will take place largely in February.  We are excited to have one district piloting an online testing process for possible future use by all districts if they would desire to do so.

State CDC Planning is next weekend.  The State Officers will be working on their plans for the state competition which takes place from March 15 – 17, 2015 at the Lodge of the Four Seasons.

Horizon –

Students are working hard to earn their allocations as finalists to be able to attend ICDC and compete.  We are excited that this international competition is in Orlando, Florida this year.  We hope to have many of our outstanding Missouri students make it ‘on stage’ at this competition.

Missouri DECA is pleased to be sponsoring the 2015 Central Regional Leadership Conference in Kansas City, MO, November 20 – 22, 2015.  Linda Krehbiel is coordinating the logistics and we are pleased to host our sister Central Region states for this conference!

Deadlines –

Membership Deadline -  Students must be registered as members by March 1, 2015 in order to be able to compete at State.  Most of the Districts require students be registered as members before they are able to compete at that level, as well.  Chapters participating in the “Extreme Membership Makeover” Contest will need to have their results sent into the State Advisor by this deadline as well.

Scholarships – Scholarship applications for the Foundation for Missouri DECA will be due by March 1, 2015. Scholarship opportunities will be posted on the DESEDECA website by January 31, 2015.  The exciting news is that Missouri DECA will be able to offer an 8th scholarship opportunity of $1, 000.00 each year courtesy of Tyler Alltrup.  More information is being collected for the requirements of this scholarship.

Speakers - 

Ryan Moran will be the key note at State CDC this year.  Ryan is noted for his high-energy and fast-paced presentations.  His keynote is entitled “The Posse” and he has also agreed to do two workshop sessions students won’t want to miss during their down times, entitled “Survivor”.  Do you have what it takes? Team up with your friends, make new friends, form alliances, and manipulate your opponents all in the quest to be named the sole survivor!

Our favorite hypnotist will also be performing for us at State CDC again this year.  We once again welcome Ricky Kalmon to amaze and dazzle our minds with his talent.

Judge Recruiting –

We are pleased to announce that Dr. Margo Mire has been contracted to recruit judges for the State Career Development Conference.  Her task will be to find 125 judges from across the state to ensure our 1700 students competing have the opportunity to interact with professionals in their fields of expertise.

Week of January 5


We are in the process of creating a form to accompany the FV4 in order to receive 50/50 money.  We hope to have that form available February 1st.  The FV4 and this additional form are due by July 1. 


​Chris Dzurick and Lori Niekamp will be traveling to the FBLA-PBL State Leadership Summit in Reston, Virginia on Friday. If you require immediate assistance, please call 573-751-4367.

Fight for 15K is just over 300 shy of its goal! Keep up that recruiting.  Nice job.

District testing is underway and closes on January 16th.  DLCs are held January 30-February 20.

FBLA State Officer Applications are due Friday, February 1. 

Cara Gooch will be the judge recruiter this year.

SLC is April 11-14 in Springfield with the FBLA-PBL President/CEO in attendance.


The second mentoring meeting is scheduled for January 28th.  Make sure to check the mentoring Web site for any announcements, updates, etc.