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Testing Information

Before Testing

The Personal Finance Assessment runs off of a standalone testing browser (MetaCat). The MetaCat browser requires Windows 2000 or above.

Before testing begins, DTC's should have their IT staff download the MetaCat Browser and run it on all systems that will be used for testing. This is a one time download.

  • Program Installation
    If you cannot access this page, direct your building IT staff to allow "http://www.metacat2.net" through the firewall. Access to this URL is needed for testing.

During/After Testing

When students are ready to take the assessment, the examiner should distribute specific usernames and passwords to each student. These usernames are e-mailed prior to testing. The examiner should then direct them to the MetaCat Browser and have them log in with their given username and password.

Student work is saved as they progress through the assessment. If there is any network interruption, students can log back in and resume. Once a student has finished the test, they cannot take it again until the next window.

  • If there are circumstances where a test needs to be reset, please contact MetaLogic at: [email protected] or call 877-654-9888.
  • After students have finished testing, and the program is ready to be closed, press ALT-F4.

Contact Information


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