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Enrollment Information

Assessment Information

Districts will not receive any testing materials for the Personal Finance Assessment. The test is given entirely online and results are available instantly.

  • For students attempting to test out of the Personal Finance course, a score of 90% or higher must be achieved.
  • For students taking the assessment as part of their embedded Personal Finance coursework, the pass rate is a district decision.

Pre-Coding/Enrolling Students

  • At least 48 hours prior to testing, District Test Coordinators must submit an excel file of students testing to: support@metalogic1.com
  • DTC's should be sure to use their official school email address. Personal email accounts are not acceptable.
    • Create an Excel file with the following fields:
Field Name
Testing Window Summer, Fall or Spring and Year (ex. Fall 2011)
County-District Code DESE assigned 6 digit code
School Code DESE assigned 4 digit code
MOSIS ID State assigned student identifier. See MOSIS for more information.
Student Last Name Legal last name
Student First Name Legal first name
Suffix Legal name suffix. E.g. Jr, Sr (Optional)
Date Of Birth Date of birth
Student Grade Level Grade level at the time of testing
Gender Gender
Race/Ethnicity A (Asian), B (Black), H (Hispanic), I (Indian), W (White), P (Hawaiian or Pacific Islander), M (Multi-Race)
Course Name Name of course student is receiving Personal Finance credit in
Instructor Last Name Last name of educator
Instructor First Name First name of educator
Class Period Period in which the assessment is given
Test Type Embedded Class, Stand-Alone Class or Test Out

Login Information

Within 24 hours, DTC's will receive a username and password for each student. Once a DTC has received usernames and passwords, districts may take the assessment at any time.

  • E-mail addresses that end in .com are occasionally classified as SPAM or are not delivered for other filtering reasons. If DTC's do not receive expected emails from "support@metalogic1.com”, and have checked in their SPAM or junk mail filters, they should contact their building's IT staff to allow receipt of email.

Finally, DTC's will send a list of names, phone numbers and e-mail addresses for any other administrators/teachers that are involved in the assessment to: support@metalogic1.com

  • Only those names submitted by the DTC will have access to the system and be given technical support. DTC's should be sure to use their official school email address to submit this list.